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  1. Frenkie de Jong

    He'll be #21, 90% sure of it.
  2. If we sign one player from Ajax this summer, which one would you want?

    Antony. Would be nice to buy a winger who actually plays on the right.
  3. Antony

    I thought Timber was dead in the water? (For this window at least)
  4. Gaming Elden Ring - Fromsoftware

    As much as I like these games, there's no way I could enjoy them without google. I don't mind a bit of immersive gameplay, but in a game as punishing and unforgiving as this, I'll pass on the blind approach.
  5. Kalvin Phillips

    Funny how these 'Leeds through and through' types could never move to Manchester United, since that's the ultimate cardinal sin, wars of the roses etc. But hey Manchester City, thats fair game.
  6. Antony

    I don't think they do. Their CEO is clearly fond of us, and Bayern's targets are all pretty much on the last year of their contract, whereas Antony still has years left on his and they don't want to sell. So their high fee is understandable.
  7. Antony

    Bit of a stretch, but perhaps they were preparing for the inevitability of losing Antony in the summer so wanted to prepare well in advance. That's what well run football clubs tend to do anyway.
  8. Glazers / Woodward out! (One down)

    We tend to spend most when we're out of the champions league. Our spending habits are poorly planned, far too reactive and more focused on the commercial benefit as opposed to the squad building effect. We're supposedly £10-15million short of matching Barca's valuation for De Jong, which is...
  9. Glazers / Woodward out! (One down)

    The apathy tends to happen when we make a flurry of signings or the club dangles some temporary shiny distraction or sliver of exciting news. I don't see that being sustainable anymore, not if we end up having an underwhelming window. A lot of fans are glad to see the back of Rangnick, but I'm...
  10. Glazers / Woodward out! (One down)

    This needed to happen years ago, but better late than never. Hoping the fanbase aren't placated with shiny new signings or false promises to 'engage with fanbase', nor conveniently timed announcements of stadium and training facility expansions. The club can't move forward until we rid it of...
  11. Paul Pogba - Juventus player

    They essentially loaned him to us for £86million or however much it was.
  12. Antony

    To be fair you can compare our sorry lot to pretty much any half decent winger in Europe and the latter would still come out on top. Still pretty impressive numbers from Antony mind you.
  13. Alejandro Garnacho | 2021/22 Performances

    How the feck does he have so many tats at 17? I'm sure the age requirement in the UK is 18?!
  14. Lisandro Martinez

    We might as well sign Ajax's entire back 4 while we're at it :lol: