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  1. The vaccines | vaccine rollout underway - US back plan to suspend patents

    Rest up easy mate, hopefully you just ride it out and have juicy antibodies in a few weeks :)
  2. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    There's also the often forgotten fact that not all Palestinians are Islamic. A considerable minority are Christian and Druze.
  3. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Take a break and chill the feck out.
  4. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    I'm not one to cherish violence, but I wouldn't stop myself laughing if a wayward rocket ends up hitting one of these sick 'tourist viewing camps'. Sickening that people seek such cinema at the expense of people suffering immeasurably.
  5. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    I think the 2006 Lebanon war scarred them a little bit to the point where they're now far more apprehensive about ground operations, especially against an organised militia using guerilla tactics.
  6. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    This is what the cynic in me ponders. It seems awfully convenient to Israel to justify its airstrikes with an insistence that they're only targeting military positions and doing so with a view to minimise casualties. Why exactly should we take their word for it considering how all too eager...
  7. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Yep. I've always said that Hamas and the Israeli government have been unusual bedfellows. Peace and stability do not suit either of their respective agendas. Gaza can burn, and the rockets can fire over the skies of Haifa all the while Netanyahu grins as the focus is off his corruption scandal...
  8. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    I don't disagree and I'm not absolving Hamas of their role in inviting carnage to the people of Gaza, but as with similar conflicts in the region there seems to be a selective focus on the symptom, not the cause behind the cycle of violence. I just wish there was a fraction of the condemnation...
  9. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    It's a tough question to answer, but my viewpoint is this - while Hamas are to blame for starting the latest volley of missile strikes between Israel and Gaza, they didn't start this cycle of violence. As has been a recurring theme, this was started with a systemic process of looking to uproot...
  10. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Not that I'm endorsing or supporting these rocket attacks, but I don't think you realise how small and densely populated the Gaza strip is. If they wanted them out of sight then there's not a whole lot of places to position them. Having them out in the open in say Gaza beach would just make them...
  11. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Perfect scenario for Netanyahu. Perpetual war-time government means his approaching corruption trial and political rival's attempt to form a government is now well and truly derailed.
  12. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    It's an apartheid state, well and truly, nothing particularly 'complex' or contentious to it.
  13. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    You're right about the situation being mutually beneficial for both Israel and Hamas, but the only way it could be solved is if the those with the balance of power have the appetite to do so. Right now that's the United States, and so long as it continues to back Israel to the hilt when it comes...
  14. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Please don't awaken him from his forum slumber. There's only so many 'cuntastine' jibes and whataboutisms I could stomach before repeatedly slamming my head into my monitor.
  15. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Yep. The big dogs at the UNSC will just veto the bejesus out of anything that condemns their vassal states, and by proxy their own regional interests - see Russia/China with Assad and of course the US with Israel. The whole thing is hopelessly futile when it comes to establishing some form of...