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  1. The Athletic “gutting” British newspapers

    They have VC money. But, like Uber, Lyft, etc what happens when the investors want to make a profit?
  2. Matthijs De Ligt | Juventus Player

    I called it months ago. Matthijs de Ligt / signs for Juventus, lowering their average age to 56 And here is the hilarious video of him when he was with Ajax's u17. It looks like a 27 year old playing in a youth league.
  3. Matthijs de Ligt / signs for Juventus, lowering their average age to 56

    "de beslissing"(Dutch speakers feel free to correct me on this).
  4. Tanguy Ndombele | Signed For Spurs

    Yeah some here think only English leagues are physical. Ligue 1 is pretty physical, Bundesliga is and from what I have seen most South American leagues are pretty physical. And people keep bringing up player swaps like it is the NBA or something. There is a reason why players swaps do not...
  5. The Most Unique Player of All-Time

    Arturo Vidal was effective as a #10, a box to box midfielder, a DM in a double pivot, an anchor and even as a CB. Was one of the best tacklers in the world while also being one of the best penalty takers. Yaya Toure a player of his height should not have the pace, agility and dribbling ability...
  6. Juan Mata | Official: Signs two-year contract with option of a third

    Yeah but, when the likes of Nicky Butt, Phil Neville, Wes Brown, John O'Shea and Park Ji Sung were not able to contribute at a high level anymore they were politely shown the door.
  7. William Saliba - 18 year old centre back

    @Sayros @kouroux @JPRouve
  8. William Saliba - 18 year old centre back

    From the same youth club as Kylian Mbappe. Kylian's father was his coach.
  9. Rodri | Man City player

    If you are looking for ways this transfer could not work you can argue that while Fernandinho was not the deep lying playmaker type Pep usually prefers in that role(Busquets, Xabi) having a destroyer like him in front of the back 4 made sense since they were basically playing with #10s as #8s(De...
  10. Rodri | Man City player

    Well Michael Caley obviously watches a lot of matches too. But, even the best match analysts are not able to watch every match. Stats help fill in the gaps for the matches people are not able to watch.
  11. Juan Mata | Official: Signs two-year contract with option of a third

    Playing Mata in midfield would be a complete disaster.
  12. Pogba Future

    Look how much matches he played after leaving. His knees simply could not handle Football anymore. There is nothing he could have done about that.
  13. 0.012% (or the old men yells at cloud thread)

    If they were playing at Liverpool you would not be paying attention to any of this. And it is weird that people are paying attention to this now.
  14. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | The Ornacle speaks: It is done.

    Here is the thing. If the club does not sign a RB it will be another season of Young as first choice RB. Maybe Dalot is the answer in the future but, it does not seem like Ole trust to start Dalot at RB yet.
  15. Rodri | Man City player

    And Rodri gets to play Football again after having a season off from it.