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  1. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    His best position is center attacking midfielder.
  2. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    Mason mount is basically lingard on steroids. he lacks technical quality but has a great engine. Lampard already doing the right thing buying Ziyech to replace him.
  3. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    I dont rate Sane as highly as you guys do on the forum. Plus robben and Ribery were actually top 10 players at the same age. I dont believe Gnarby or sane will ever come close to the same impact they both had. Robben would have been the best player as some point if it wasnt for Messi ans ronaldo.
  4. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    So glad robben and ribery are a thing of the past. Need bayern out of contention for the next 10 years. No way are they winning this competion with coman and gnarby.
  5. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    Every single player for bayern has a great first touch. Thats the key to modern teams that look to dominate. Mix that with a few great passers and you could just ping the ball around opposition players. Chelsea love to press yet the likes of mount the engine cant close down quick enough. Only...
  6. Champions League Round of 16 (18th Feb - 18th Mar)

    bayern are such a delight to watch. Wish we could replace their coaching staff with ours. every single player can pass and move. I long for the day we consistently do the same.
  7. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    This is what Ive been screaming about. Its also the reason why we cant sell Pogba until we acquire a player like sancho. Right now our only creative players are Bruno, Pogba, mata and martial. The others dont have the creativity or finesse to curve out chances consistently. Players like Dan...
  8. Mason Greenwood | 2019/20 Performances

    He doesn't have the athleticism to lead the line. Its been said a million times already. He is perfect as an inside forward for now till he develops like rashford did. Its also perfect for us because we dont have any skilled players that can operate on the right. The only player who can is mata...
  9. Saka (Arsenal)

    Thats debatable. I'm from Lagos the busiest and most populated state in Nigeria. Although there are lots of United fans there the Arsenal supporters outnumber us. Lets also take into account that Nigeria has 180 million people. So it shouldnt even surprise you that you might meet many City...
  10. Saka (Arsenal)

    Most Nigerians fans you meet are either arsenal fans or arsenal fans that switched over to chelsea. Kanu and Henry are the main reasons for that. Im Nigerian myself so Im somewhat lucky I ended up with United.
  11. Saka (Arsenal)

    Not really but he did help. They also have tomori at Chelsea. I think Nigerian scouts advise their families to recruit them to london clubs. There is also a huge Nigerian community based in london which is really the main reason.
  12. Aaron Wall-Bissaka | 2019/20 Performances

    Ive been watching him over the past few games and although hes been good it does seem like hes tired. He doesn't close down as much as he used to at the start of the season. His attempted tackles have also decreased. I dont think we have adequate cover for him if he needed a 2 game rest. Dalot...
  13. Saka (Arsenal)

    we need to forget it. Most of the Nigerian youth based players would rather play for a london club. Ive met his parents and they've expressed this same desire. All the Nigerian kids and their families all know each other and have formed a group, especially the ones at arsenal and tottenham. I...
  14. Manchester United vs Watford

    Fernandes is entering my FPL immediately. 3 fecking assists!!!!!!! Great finish Starboy greenwood!
  15. Manchester United vs Watford

    Neither do I. if we are not playing a top 6 team please dont play him at all.