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  1. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    102 points despite Vardy coming off at HT. Didn't see that kind of total coming!
  2. Premier League Gameweek 9

    Yes. 5W, 3D, 1L after 9 games isn't the perfect start but 4 points off the top is nothing at this stage. A loss for United would probably confirm them as out of the race though. 4W, 2D, 3L and 8 points off the top after 9 is not title winning form by anyone's standards.
  3. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    After half a season, sure.
  4. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    Nah, not after a CL win.
  5. Premier League Gameweek 9

    They certainly added entertainment to my afternoon. :D
  6. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Earlier in the week had to choose between transferring out Lukaku or Ronaldo. Chose Ronaldo. Just cost me 4 fecking points thanks to that Lukaku injury. Now watch Ronaldo score a hatrick at the weekend.. :mad:
  7. The Biden Presidency

    Most of the 'moderate Dems' are centre right conservatives who don't really have a problem with the rightward direction of America over the last 40 years. Sure they'll kick back against the extreme right excesses of the Republicans sometimes, but they have no real desire to move the country...
  8. Colin Powell dies aged 84.

    As a major he investigated a letter about abuses by US soldiers. It wasn't specifically about My Lai but it was around that time.
  9. Conservative MP David Amess stabbed to death

    The news about Southend being given City status 'in his honour' pissed me off. Its one thing to put up statues or give posthumous awards or something, but changing things that effect the country just feels extremely high handed. I know city status doesn't mean a lot, but apparently no government...
  10. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    Yeah, plus we try and keep 2 players for each position regardless.
  11. Chelsea appoint Thomas Tuchel

    If you have a chance to get someone who has already proved themselves as top class though, it's a real risk to not sign them because you have a promising up and comer.
  12. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    I've been feeling kind of the same, but its worth noting that after this latest offer the NI business orgs have come out praising the EU for listening to them and going above and beyond. When the UK inevitably spit in their faces again, its going to be much clearer who are the bad guys. It...
  13. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    If it was being smuggled, why would there be any records of increased trade flow?
  14. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    Our is definitely Northern Ireland. The second is my supposition, but I don't see how else it makes even the vaguest semblance of sense. I'd venture a guess that it's total horseshit even without the Republic.
  15. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    Sammy Wilson talking absolute shite again.. Would someone like to tell the fecking muppet that the Republic is part of the EU?