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  1. Greatest British Sportsman/woman

    Didn’t read the previous posts but Djokovic will have a good claim very soon. Also he has held all four grand slam titles at one point, won four back to back. That is an incredible achievement.
  2. Cristiano has covid

    Coronaldo, get well soon!
  3. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    Huh? I have to totally disagree with you. Maybe we perceived the era totally different during our childhoods. GOAT wasn't a term yet back in the days but Sampras was regarded and spoken of as the best ever when he reached most slams. Just as with Federer, even before he got the 14th he was...
  4. Tennis 2020

    I only bolded the part where you came over as patronizing the sport and the posters you were arguing with, it sort of is a culmination of the tone you set in some of the earlier posts in this thread. I agree with the particular point you made in the post I quoted.
  5. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    Btw, the slams should be the barometer. Big tennis players like Sampras have always lived by it, they know the importance of it. Fans can have their own favorite, their personal opinion, but generally the tennis scene will accept the player with most slams as the best, regardless whether you...
  6. Tennis 2020

    I think you are doing this thing where you come over as a neanderthaeler knowledge-wise about this sport but still push opinions as if you have played and followed it since you were 5. The highlighted part just seems to confirm this as this is clearly a sport you have far less interest and...
  7. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    You are the @Sarni of tennis :lol: He's an NBA viewer and supports Portland, he posts exactly the same. Clearly loves the team but always finds ways to be pessimistic and down on them.
  8. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    You know what? I don't know :lol: Just kidding, 23-22 to Djokovic. I see two more years of Nadal and Djokovic being the main players in Grand Slams, with Djokovic having the upper hand slightly, I'll go 3-1 to Djoko. A simplistic take of course because there will probably be outliers like...
  9. Greatest mens tennis player of all time

    Fed is not the undisputed GOAT anymore, at least that has changed today. Now the debate between them will start with an “In my opinion...”. More change will come as I see Federer winning 0, Nadal to add at least another french open and maybe a hardcourt slam too. Djokovic will be the x factor...
  10. Tennis 2020

    Nadal on 20 and looks to have more slams in the tank.
  11. Tennis 2020

    Federer will not end up as goat when all three players’ careers have finished. There will be a few ‘but he played the most elegantly though’ arguments but nah.
  12. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    Dortmund fans haVe laughed at the delusions of grandeur of the caf all season...
  13. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    You love to see it guys. :):)
  14. Jadon Sancho| Staying at Dortmund for now

    People made fun of dortmund’s 10th august deadline. It was a real one. Dortmund destroyed us emotionally.
  15. Wot, no transfers? It's all happening now!

    Wait for the “United now prioritizing the search for a sporting director” briefing after the deadline.