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  1. Lucas Moura - (Caf decides he’s naff again) Spurs bound?

    mainly because Mahrez has been very inconsistent on times Believe Mahrez is viewed also as very inconsistent and especially when the system is not designed around him. In fairness to Moura he has been excellent player for PSG and I believe he is someone we should consider.
  2. Mourinho : "Transfer spend is not enough"

    Fully agree with you. I think the fact United has become a profit and brand machine over the last few years we are now feeling the consequences. As an accountant and looking at United from an investment perspective it is being run very well. As income via of field activities increases year on...
  3. Mourinho : "Transfer spend is not enough"

    Luke shaw & Memphis Depay are two huge gambles in area's we have been desperate for which have failed. I actually believe that Mikhi was never a gamble just not been able to settle. If we look at his history he should have been a good signing as was a proven player in German league and...
  4. Mourinho : "Transfer spend is not enough"

    United have had two major issues since SAF left. These are we have had a number of changes in management personnel and backroom staff and this has lead to a very disjointed transfer activity. For example, Di Maria was nothing short of a publicity trick to show we still have spending power rather...
  5. Footballers who didn't seem to mature much or became less likable after they retired

    Joey Barton is just a bad human. He never seems to mature and still acts like a spoiled child and soon as he becomes less relevant he said something controversial on purpose just to rile people.
  6. Back up to Pogba?!

    A few have mentioned Andreas Pereira and i think that is a great call. However, we should not recall him this season as his development is going well. Pereira has also shown his ability to play on the wing at Valencia which will allow us another creative player from a different position.
  7. Footballers that you like after they retired

    Yes poor choice of metaphor i do agree :)
  8. Footballers that you like after they retired

    gotta be Carragher. He is our version of Gary Neville neither exceptionally talented but both bleed their team's colours and always gave you 100% no matter what.
  9. Pep Guardiola: I don't remember SAF's Man United job offer, my English was not good

    The only issue here is those clubs you mentioned Bayern, Barca and Real they all have in common that they have a long-term board who purchase the players with input from the manager. This is something we do not have and if we are going to change our manager ever 3/5 years we need a different...
  10. Using money as an excuse

    full agree people expect far to much now days from young players. people forget how poor ronaldo was for 2/3 seasons. He is our best dribbler in my opinion as the ball sticks to his feet and doesnt just reply on pace.
  11. Using money as an excuse

    We dont have transfer policy at all. We just purchase whatever that manager seems to want within our budget. However, since jose come in we do seem to be getting somewhat of a policy e.g. he strengthened key areas centre-back, midfield and forward. I think one of biggest issues we have seems to...
  12. Castles: Mourinho given green light to spend in January

    January should just be scrapped awful transfer window as pay over the top or buying players who struggle make team. Not very often jan signing ever really turns out a great signing some exceptions obviously. we should just concentrate on players we have unless a class player becomes available...
  13. Jürgen Klopp Watch | Feb 18: "Our people will be ready. WELCOME TO ANFIELD!" | March 11: Liverpool 2-4 Atletico

    What really gets me about klopp is the way he speaks to refs. After the everton game, he went on the pitch to shout a load at the ref if that was SAF or Jose they would be up in front of the FA but its just funny when klopp does it and it goes unpunishedd
  14. Victor Lindelöf | 2017/18 Performances

    Definitely, his composure on the ball also allows us to play out from the back.
  15. If you could build one more statue outside OT, who will you choose?

    Couldnt agree more, he inspired a whole football generation like me who was born 87. He embodies the united way and spirit which is full of fierce passion and attacking intent and help fergie breed "the united way" of fight to the death.