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  1. Jesse Lingard | 2020/21 Performances

    He's been stealing a living for years and always looks terrible against any half-decent opposition. If no one bids we absolutely should let him walk. When rest is needed we can use youngsters like Elanga. Paying 100k to a veteran scrub to occasionally watch the game on the pitch is a joke. He...
  2. So what happens with our backline once Maguire is back in the mix?

    Will probably be that way. We need 2 CBs.
  3. So what happens with our backline once Maguire is back in the mix?

    IF Tuanzebe can stay fit, rotation with Lindelöf and Bailly until we get a better CB, right now should be at the bench.
  4. Newcastle United vs Manchester United

    AWB, Shaw and Rashford should also be dropped then. Maybe Bailly too after that horror show.
  5. Ole's Press conference (Newcastle)

    Totally made up, he's not the type of person who says buddies.
  6. Maguire is just the latest United player to have this confidence destroyed by the (Social) Media

    Yes. If the club were ruthless and could recognize mediocrity like most of them the Glazers&Woodward company wouldn't rot. That's embarassing.
  7. Maguire is just the latest United player to have this confidence destroyed by the (Social) Media

    Oh poor kid, should we offer a hug and say it's ok as he's only 27? Maybe if he wasn't a donkey constantly fecking up and gifting away goals the fans wouldn't criticize him. JLingz all over again, he's not bad it's because of the abuse by the fans. Captain :lol:
  8. Times when teams should have cashed in?

    Lingard right after the 2018 WC, I remember posting here saying we could still get 20m or so, useless board.
  9. Axel Tuanzebe | 2020/21 Performances

    He should start often when fit, will be 23 next month and already got a loan, let's see what he's made of; other than glass. At least he has potential and we already saw enough of the others, won't do much worse.
  10. Who replaces Martial for Newcastle, Chelsea and Arsenal?

    Time for the diamond. Attacking FBs (Laird can play when fit), high energy around Matic, without dross like Ighalo/James/Lingard. Mr. 4-2-3-1 will never try it though. ----------------------Henderson Williams--Tuanzebe-Mengi--Telles --------------------------Matic...
  11. Scholes Interview

    You're right. He was just two to five times better and still is.
  12. Scholes Interview

    He played almost the same amount of minutes, had lots of penalties. Overall Martial was way better. It's been 7 months from the injury and he's still terrible, easily one of our worst players after restart, when Bruno, Greenwood and Martial carried our attack. At the moment he's a way bigger...
  13. Scholes Interview

    Crazy. Martial is basically the last starter we should be replacing, was our best and most consistent player last season. How about a word on Rashy and Dan James that have been 10 times worse? Maybe if we had decent wingers and FBs that can attack our ST would be better.
  14. Newcastle United vs Manchester United

    Because It would be worse without Fernandes in January, when we stopped playing Lingard and Pereira so much, still won nothing. Now we're missing 2 CBs, a CDM and a proven RW; The LWs are shit and the RB situation is worrying, but not less than the coaching. Oh, our captain is also shit and a...
  15. First Choice XI now

    ----------------------------Henderson Williams/Laird--Tuanzebe-Mengi/Fish--Telles --------------------------------Matic ----McTominay/Fred-----------Fernandes ---------------------------------DVB -------------------Greenwood--Martial Maybe It'll work with better attacking FBs. Maguire, Bailly...