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  1. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

    So Greenwood as Wing back? Sure that would be the next stage in his development. :houllier:
  2. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

    Blasphemy :mad:
  3. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

    It's people like you man, who are not letting us watch this game. :nono:
  4. Manchester United vs Aston Villa

    Sad thing is had the game not been moved from the 3 pm slot, we would have been able to watch it. :(
  5. BT Sport up for sale

    My native country is India and it's the same there, I think the actual cost is even lower there. It baffles me how some people refuse to believe that every other sport in existence has continued to survive despite the games of their biggest attractions being telecast live. Never mind other...
  6. BT Sport up for sale

    So every other sport and every other football league in the world has it wrong, except the PL? And I'm the one with blinkered specs :smirk:
  7. BT Sport up for sale

    Just because something has been done one way for a long time doesn't mean it's the best or only way. The same arguments were made when the PL was formed and Sky got the rights to televise the games. With the internet and the global exposure the game gets, like it or not, what makes the PL...
  8. BT Sport up for sale

    2 games at 12.30, 2 at 17.30 on Saturdays. 2 at 12, 2 at 14.00 and one at 16.30 on Sundays. And one game could either be Friday, Saturday or Monday night depending on who's playing in Europe and what not. This leaves the 3 pm slot for the lower leagues. Plus all the time slots mentioned are ones...
  9. BT Sport up for sale

    Cheers. Thanks.
  10. BT Sport up for sale

    My point is they have 3 channels, so what is preventing them from showing both games at the same time? I am curious to know the reason for this.
  11. BT Sport up for sale

    They can still televise the game though, can't they? It's not a last-minute change, so surely they could take advantage of this change in schedule. Or is there anything preventing them from doing that? Genuinely curious.
  12. BT Sport up for sale

    No clue what the reason is. They are gonna show the Chelsea-City game, but not the Utd-Villa one for some reason. :houllier:
  13. BT Sport up for sale

    Good. Saw that this weekend there are 2 games at the 12.30 slot, but they are only showing one despite having 3 channels. What's the point of moving a game to an early slot if you are not gonna televise it? A streaming service that televises PL football games is far overdue.
  14. Young Boys vs Manchester United

    Henderson hasn't travelled and I hope the first part of your post is a joke.
  15. Should our wide attackers be doing more defending?

    What on earth is this? Not only do you have Greenwood playing wing back, you also spelled McTominay wrong, making him sound Italian. I don't even know which is the bigger crime here.