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  1. We are an awfully coached team

    please don’t.. it’s absolutely brutal to watch. That’s not football, that’s one man’s vision of football and in my opinion. It’ just horrible
  2. Cavani is not respected enough around here

    His movement is absolutely phenomenal as is his finishing. The space he can create for himself and Ronaldo will be an incredible weapon. I’d be looking to get the 2 of them in the team somehow
  3. Would United have turned down a bid of £70-100m for Pogba this summer?

    Madrid are going to have some summer in 2022. Pogba and Mbappe on a free transfer and probably buy Halland using the money they never spent on Mbappe
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo | Signs for United! Fcuk City

    How to destroy a legacy. Surely not
  5. Have state funded oil clubs ruined football?

    The death of real competition began in 1990 with sky and the premiership. The oil clubs are a consequence of that
  6. Kane goes Awol

    Any player who signs an extension at Spurs without making sure a release clause is included only has themselves to blame
  7. What's the thinking behind all United's goalkeepers?

    I still cannot believe Joel Perreira was actually on the books with utd. Easily the worse professional goalkeeper I’ve seen in my life, a complete imposter. No doubt in my mind that Mourinho was going someone a favour at Utd’s expense
  8. Barcelona on the brink

    Barca are a clear example of a team who believe they are entitled to success, entitled to the best players. They aren’t entitled to anything, they shouldn’t be signing aguero’s and depays and Messi if they can’t afford it.
  9. DDG won't save a single pen

    Wow, his technique for saving pens absolutely terrible, commit early and topple over to the side. that may be the worst I’ve ever seen at the top level.
  10. Real Madrid’s £700-Million Stadium Redevelopment

    Very nice however, not sure why it would be necessary to install a fully closed roof in Madrid. Should save themselves a hundred million or so and drop that.
  11. Kristoffer Ajer - attracting premier league interest

    He is absolutely average.
  12. Agnelli and the need to appease the young audience

    Football with no consequences and no rewards is nothing more than a glorified friendly. The winner of the super league would be entirely irrelevant. It would change the entire dynamic of the game on an off the pitch and certainly won’t generate additional interest. The reason kids are losing...
  13. Repercussions of ESL failure (Investment)

    How about the 12 teams try living within their means. If you don’t have £200m for transfers don’t spend it, if you can’t afford £500k per week wages don’t offer it. These clubs are not “entitled” to win, they are no “entitled” sign all of the best players. In fact to do so simply cheapens the...
  14. European Super League

    So the games were not competitive because greedy clubs and greedy leagues hoarded wealth. And the solution is to hoard even more money and even more wealth?I suspect they will lose plenty of fans. Kicking a ball around with no consequences or rewards is not football. Have they even considered...
  15. European Super League

    That Perez interview was something else. How about spending within your means! Dont pay players £500k per week if you can afford it and don’t buy Haaland for £100m if you don’t have it.