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  1. Kyle Walker signs for City

    Nice to see Caf's resident SJW shitposters squeeze in and in a Kyle Walker thread. There are about three more guys that I fully expect to hop our jolly debate before it gets, inevitably, deleted.
  2. Kyle Walker signs for City

    Quite frankly I wouldn't even have been here if you were not 'getting off', as you eloquently put it, a couple of pages ago crying that this thread is dripping with misogyny.
  3. Kyle Walker signs for City

    That would make sense if I were a whore :angel:
  4. Kyle Walker signs for City

    Nope. You're mistaking understanding with accepting.
  5. Kyle Walker signs for City

    Your lack of self awareness is quite terrifying, I'd ask you how come the bolded is an aberration but you'd have to start with learning how to spell the difficult 'a-word' yourself and I don't want to take too much of your time. Just don't go around trying to point out other people's 'limits'...
  6. Kyle Walker signs for City

    Offended or annoyed? Not in the slightest, I'm merely a linguist who finds those hilarious aberrations idiotic and won't shy away from calling spade a spade. Look at this this way: if you, or somebody else, is annoyed or offended by my views, you have a lot of growing up to do.
  7. Kyle Walker signs for City

    Phew, glad it was you who said it.
  8. A question of technique: Who have been our best?

    Don't think you can put Pogba in and at the same time don't include Mata whose technique is, imo, better. And if it's not, it's more consistent for sure.
  9. Kyle Walker signs for City

    That's where you're wrong, a male can be a whore too. We're talking 'occupations' or attitudes here, not genders. Maybe you should move with times and stop subconsciously associating the word with women.
  10. Kyle Walker signs for City

    So being a whore is now called 'sex work'? How cute. I consider Kyle Wanker to be a 'sex worker' too then.
  11. Wow. This happened...

    Wow. Amazing how the commentator fluently switches between languages.
  12. Scott McTominay | 2019/20 Performances

    Yes, @cyberman's tone lowers the tone of this place. Wish @cyberman had such 'wisdom' instead: I presume it's still Jose protecting Scott though.
  13. Scott McTominay | 2019/20 Performances

    CERTAINPLAYERFC taking a shit on other midfielders in our club, woah, that's new!
  14. Townsend: "Footballers being painted as villains"

    Wonder if those in the government, your parliament and other shitholes have already played their part and taken a paycut.