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  1. Casemiro | Will undergo a medical with Manchester United tomorrow (Marca)

    There is no issue at all. There ain't a single player who doesn't play for money. We just have to be sure it's not JUST for money
  2. Casemiro | Will undergo a medical with Manchester United tomorrow (Marca)

    Nah, feck FDJ, I knew that was never gonna happen. Considering the number of professional players playing in some of the best leagues in Europe, it doesn't compute to me that a good scouting team cannot find the right players (by right I mean age/wage/transfer fee etc etc..). Our transfers...
  3. Casemiro | Will undergo a medical with Manchester United tomorrow (Marca)

    Excellent post. I share the same sentiments tbh. Feels very much like a videogame type of signing. Too easy and obvious
  4. Is a 30-year old high profile player too old to be worth the outlay in the PL?

    There isn't a rule IMHO. We have botched so many transfers over the years that using Man Utd as a case study would not be valid.
  5. Sir Jim Ratcliffe: I want to buy Manchester United [The Times] | Wants talks with Glazers over minority stake with long-term view of full control

    I don't much tbh just that Nice fans thought he was gonna invest much into the team than he has. They're a bit disappointed but then again it's Nice, they're crazy over there. They haven't been able to reach the CL places and they seem a little inconsistent in terms of ranking
  6. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Monday night ??? Is there a reason?
  7. Casemiro | Will undergo a medical with Manchester United tomorrow (Marca)

    I doubt Casemiro is truly scared of competition of Tchouameni. His experience alone gives a lot of edge
  8. Darwin Núñez | Liverpool player | Scorer of quadruple | better than Haaland | Strong header

    Tbh, Forlan wasn't fully settled and he even hit a good scoring period where RVN was hurt, until he was benched again. I really believe Forlan would have been a good PL striker if he had played more consistently at any other club
  9. Joao Felix

    I'd still put it in the category of our transfer team trying to fool the fanbase by feeding the media these bogus interests in players
  10. Joao Felix

    It's 2 things, either our transfer "team" is full of ITKs and genuises of pulling off transfers out of nowhere or they're trying to fools the opinion of fans in the worst possible manner.
  11. Lisandro Martínez | 2022/23 Performances

    For me, his height isn't an issue at all. I just wonder if we shouldn't have prioritzed other positions ahead of another CB.
  12. Kylian Mbappe signs new contract at PSG until 2025 | LaLiga will file a complaint

    I doubt he'd do this at any other self respecting club. PSG has enabled him
  13. Premier League Gameweek 2

    Footballers can be armed :nervous: ?
  14. Nunez Headbutt

    I think he was simply lost. He wasn't thinking straight
  15. Premier League Gameweek 2

    You should now, he's your guy