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  1. Paris St Germain vs Manchester United

    Scott is struggling
  2. Newcastle United vs Manchester United

    This team is horrid and if we don't win, Ole will have it all to a head. I can only presume some of players came back with little niggles because there is no other excuse. We're not winning the Champions League so what is Ole doing?
  3. The overwhelming number of negative articles in the media

    Am I the only not to fussed that we missed out on Sancho? Especially at that price. I'm quite excited about all our signings. Disappointed we didnt go for a CB but if Ole plays the right formation with the right players, we have every chance of being decent. Telles gives us even more options...
  4. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Why aren't we after Adama Traore? You put him in the same team as Cavani; a proper finisher and you'll score goals.
  5. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    That Bruno Matic and Pogba is not properly balanced. Get Van De Beek in there, at least he's got the legs to press. Matic and Pogba in the same midfield is just asking for trouble.
  6. Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Do we work on defensive shape at al!? Fullbacks always so tucked in giving ample space out wide. What kind of team is this??
  7. Ousmane Dembele

    Doubt we'd get him but fantastic signing if we did. He's two footed like Greenwood but better dribbling skills, pace to burn and not a bad scorer. Some are saying he doesnt want to come but every player you sign needs a bit of convincing. That's how they know they can fit in and they'll be a...
  8. Ousmane Dembele

    Playing alongside Pogba and Martial, he'll fit in like a glove.
  9. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    Wow this is depressing to watch. Brighton's second team is outplaying ours.
  10. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    He's clearly not a priority if we aren't willing to pay 20 million euros for a player of his quality!
  11. Transfer Tweets - 2020/21 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    £40m?! They'll get £12m plus £6m in add-ons as the final offer from us.
  12. Anyone understand why we bought van de Beek?

    I was just as baffled. He's not a backup; he's a genuine starter especially in a team like ours lacking mobility in midfield. So if Ole got him then he must fit him in starting eleven or drop Pogba.
  13. Post match vs Brighton & Hove Albion

    We have to really talk about AWB and his positioning. That's a massive chink in his armour and the fact that our players weren't reorganizing themselves to help on that left also baffles me. Pogba is obviously not fit but he doesn't that start a much sharper and fitter VDB. I'm not sure if...
  14. Brighton & Hove Albion vs Manchester United

    AWB was never this lazy getting back at at Crystal Palace. Is it because of the more money he's earning or the lack of competition or the fact that he feels he's already reached his goal to play for a big club?