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  1. Does Ole have it in him to drop De Gea for the last 2 PL games?

    More often than not, his mistakes either lead to us losing or at best drawing. And in some very big games dating back last year. We keep thinking he'll come good but mistakes keep happening. So we keep him in because he makes a lot of money and ignore the potential risks in playing him in very...
  2. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    I think Ole wants us to go down a goal to prove a point. No idea why he made so many changes.
  3. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Rashford has been awful since his return.
  4. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    VAR is the worst thing to happen to football. No way that's a penalty. I feel a sense of embarrassment after that goal went in. Awful decision.
  5. Norwich City vs Manchester United

    Never should've got to that. Should've won
  6. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    Left footed player on the right side is one of the most difficult players to defend against and Greenwood is already superior to DJ in all aspects of the game. Why is James an automatic starter on that side?
  7. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

    Also not sure what De Gea was doing there. Was he trying to punch the ball out?
  8. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

    This isn't rocket science. When we dominate possession, we normally lose or draw. Mourinho knows this and has set up exactly to counter. We have no idea what go do with the ball. Get James off please. Replace with anyone, even Perreira.
  9. Jose Mourinho Sack Watch

    Should still be able to defend.
  10. So, Timo Werner?

    So Timo Werner says we dont compete at the highest level anymore and he's not sure if he should stay at Leipzig and create something great and move and create something with a new team. He's good but he talks like he's Brazilian Ronaldo or even Hazard before joining Chelsea. I think we need to...
  11. Top 4 Race 19/20 | duffer: "We [Chelsea] are getting 3rd. Despite what the lunatics in here think, Man United are not all that."

    You dont think Liverpool would like to have a record season or that City would like to finish closer to Liverpool to save face?
  12. Kante or Fred?

    Same role? Do you also think Harry Kane and Firmino play the same "role"?
  13. Post match vs Manchester City

    I just want to say Luke Shaw was my MOTM. Absolutely sensational and the confidence shown in him by Ole has worked leaps and bounds. I just wish that worked with Jesse.
  14. Kante or Fred?

    This not a very fair comparison. It's like comparing Edgar Davids to Makelele. Two very different players.
  15. Tahith Chong | Signed a new deal until 2022

    Januzaj was better when he first burst on to the scene. Chong doesn't really excite on the pitch and wont be too fussed with him leaving. I know Ole will do everything in his power to convince him to stay.