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  1. Ole Sack Watch

    Just get the man out of here... nothing is getting better....
  2. Zinedine Zidane - 3 time CL winning manager without a job

    I think the rumours about him wanting to lead "les blues" are correct. And I know he wasn't interested in the premier league back in 2018. And I think I read something about him not looking for any English team after that As well. (Couldn't find the article). I would like him managing United...
  3. Paul Scholes: Give Ole Until The End Of The Season

    You are right about most things. I think he had some magic but lost it. Still a lot better in game tactic than Ole. But his overall performance is probebly not world class anymore and it never will be again. Ole never been there so don't say I call Ole world class:0) I would give Ole a lot more...
  4. Paul Scholes: Give Ole Until The End Of The Season

    Do you really think we should have kept Jose Mourinho? I loved that we hired him and thought it should makes a us more "winners mentality". But I absolutely hated most of the time with him! Destruktiv and ego in a bad way.
  5. Ole Sack Watch

    Hehe... like your last sentence! I still think clubs should do better than letting managers go in a new season with the last year of the contract. In this case the extension could have been shorter maybe... Its about signals to. If the club think its good to have people in and around the club...
  6. Ole Sack Watch

    I honestly don't think any team should send out a manager to start a season on his last year contract. If you want a change you do it and pay the money it costs. If not, you extend. Ole kind of deserved not to be sacked so the extention was expected. And I do not think the money it will cost...
  7. High Press | Does it work?

    You could be right! I would like to see it before I feel ok with taking one of them out of the start eleven. I really don't understand why Ole push Bruno that high to do the press when no one els is doing it with him. Every team use the space it creates and it makes the midfield running around...
  8. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    Thank you! Needed a bit of positivity! Let's get a couple of wins and get back on track!
  9. High Press | Does it work?

    Do you think it would work if we play a proper 4-3-3. Pogba-Matic-Bruno. I see a couple of benefits playing Bruno deeper. First it would close the gap between defenders and the midfield pivot we have today. It would also makes us more creative in the areas we need more creativety. Today we...
  10. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    Well... you are half right. Ole does press up Bruno to do the high press and by that create huge space between our attackers+ Bruno and the midfield. It is a clear tactical structure that locks like shit if you ask me. We need another clear tactical pressing structure.
  11. Paul Pogba | 2021/22 Performances

    Very poor today... the ref didn't do him any favors either.
  12. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    Thank you for the correction. You are right, its time to change and rather now than later.
  13. Leicester City vs Manchester United

    What an absolute emberising performance. Ole is gone before the first of november.
  14. Daniel James | Leeds player

    Thank you! Best comment in this shred by miles!
  15. West Ham United vs Manchester United

    Hahahahaha.......... and assist matic......