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  1. Paul Scholes: Give Ole Until The End Of The Season

    If things go have they have been going giving to the end of the season would be mental. If we pick up six or more points from Liverpool Spurs City then he will have earned a bit more time. Essentially should be treated like he is on a probationary period.
  2. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    Spot on. Delighted with the win and it was vital to keep us in the CL but we can't let it hide the fact that Ole isn't good enough.
  3. The McFred midfield duo

    Last night was yet another game that shows the thought that McFred are Easily our best Midfield is false. They are just as flawed as any other Midfield we put out. Was not surprised to see the comeback. Atalanta remind me of Leeds in that they are so open it suits how we play. McTominay...
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo | 2021/22 Performances

    Worked his socks off tonight
  5. When will Ole be sacked?

    A draw is a terrible result consider we haven't won our last 3 in the Prem!
  6. When will Ole be sacked?

    I'd say we would. Atalanta are like Leeds in that the way they play suits us down to the ground They are insanely open
  7. Why don’t we play with the same energy every game?

    At 0-0 we play with fear. Once we are losing we seem to just go fro broke.
  8. When will Ole be sacked?

    This shouldn't count for anything really in terms of him keeping his job. The Liverpool game is what matters. Fail to win that and we are 4 without a win in the Prem.
  9. Post match vs Atalanta

    Absolutely delighted with the win. Our CL was over if we lost that! We need to not let this paper over the cracks though. Another poor performance in the weekend and we have to make a managerial change to save the season. We are a mess at the moment. Ronnie was immense and worked so hard too.
  10. When will Ole be sacked?

    Delighted we won. But no one can think legitimately that Ole is good enough!
  11. When will Ole be sacked?

    Well then we will waste the season. Simple as
  12. When will Ole be sacked?

    You don't need to lose the players to be sacked. It's clear he isn't good enough so we should be looking to move him on asap.
  13. When will Ole be sacked?

    So what? He clearly ain't good enough. It's abundantly clear.
  14. When will Ole be sacked?

    We fired LVG after winning the FA Cup so this should be no different.
  15. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    Brilliant we are winning. Let's fecking go But don't let this be Newcastle game than delays the inevitable