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  1. Ronaldo for Bench?

    Ronaldo is good and the GOAT and all of that, he just doesnt make us better.
  2. Ronaldo for Bench?

    Good to see a team on the pitch. We are so much better worhout Ronaldo. Pitty we needed a injury to see it.
  3. Turning on Rangnick

    Thnx - Rangnick. Got it. My point is. If we are going to throw away an entire season, we better be in it for the long run. I dont think we can be a little bit pregnant with this man.
  4. Turning on Rangnick

    Sorry, I dont think that is the case at all. He is interim. 5 more games and this will look a lot worse. Please bookmark.
  5. Turning on Rangnick

    Well. I’m not sure they are «men». At my company we have hardly any personell with senior responsibilty or titles below the age of 30. I consider most of these juniors and are operative specialists — some of them are very very good and will grow to becomme very good leaders. Most of senior...
  6. Turning on Rangnick

    Its not the mess you make it out to be. I looked it up. You are right on the first point with the smallest of margins, but that was not your point was it? After last season, Ole had managed 168 games (big dataset) for us and was just one point behind Klopp on his first 168 games. I guess this...
  7. Turning on Rangnick

    If so. What can be better preperation than get us CL next year? Well. Time, time, time.I used to belive in time as well. But, the reality and truth is. There is no more two years building stuff. There is only short term result. We truly belive that and our actions show that — becouse we sack...
  8. Turning on Rangnick

    Becouse what he is doing is a long time strategy, while he has just about 20 games left.
  9. Turning on Rangnick

    Good point. Have updated. Thnx.
  10. Turning on Rangnick

    Yeah, like you would know with a response like that. The issues it describes were considered especially important to team sports. The book's lessons were applied by several coaches to their teams in the National Football League in the United States.
  11. Turning on Rangnick

    It looks like Ragnick might fail on his most important task the first weeks at this club, and that is to build trust. Now trust is a strange and fragile thing in the start, and its like a mucel you build. Leadership in any organisation works like this: First of all, you need to gain trust...
  12. Who will be the first signing in the Newcastle Saudi FC era?

    Best thing I have heard all day.
  13. Has social media changed players attitudes towards the club and its fans.

    People who are lots on twitter forget that just 30% of the population is on there - and they think that the small sterotyped subset that screams loudest is a representation of the general public. Crazy. Even some pundits thinks this.
  14. Where do we go from here?

    I say. Like you say. It was Furgerson who won. But, times have changed. There is no more two years building stuff. There is only short term result. We truly belive that and our actions show that — becouse we sack the manager if we loose 8 out of 12 games. Dont listen to what people say, see what...
  15. Turning on Rangnick

    The games you are talking about happend within 6 weeks. And you dont want do discuss Ragnick becouse its been 4 weeks, and he is only going to be here for 24 weeks. 10% of his time here in charge as allready passed. For his regin Ole had more points than Klopp, but you where happy to see him...