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  1. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    His antics ahead of the Fury fight reminded of Adrien Broner ahead of Maidana, and the fight played out pretty much the same, because he got his ass served to him by his opponent who saw through the hype and the bullshit. Well, Broner was a lot more talented than Wilder was but they are very...
  2. Manchester United eleven Sir Alex era

    (4-1-3-2) Van der Sar Irwin Vidic Ferdinand Evra Keane Beckham Scholes Giggs Ronaldo Van Nistelrooij Personally wouldn't have Ronaldo in a team where he had to cover Evra, that just wouldn't work. You have to give him the Cantona role where he can...
  3. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Ruiz Jr is back in shape and in Reynoso's stable he is going to stay that way. He has a tune-up against Arreola scheduled for May 1st. Hearn said that Whyte will be getting out for a summer tune up, so why not arrange a showdown with Ruiz Jr for the end of the year? I'd rather see Wilder vs...
  4. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    So the question is now whether Whyte will get a title shot at last. Sadly, that's the last of Povetkin. Hopefully EH has paid him well.
  5. Manchester United vs Brighton & Hove Albion

    Brighton have some decent players, but Bissouma is by far the pick of the bunch. We ought to be in for him as he is certain to leave the south coast and would be the perfect anchor for our midfield. Great tackler and his positioning is superb.
  6. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Antonio just got a bit of McTomination there.
  7. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Amazing save and Greenwood's unlucky. Looked like it was a goal from the moment it left his boot.
  8. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Rash from AW-B and a needless yellow. Releases a bit of pressure for West Ham.
  9. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Greenwood starting to influence the game.
  10. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Antonio is an absolute unit. Can't imagine it's much fun defending against him for 90 minutes.
  11. Manchester United vs West Ham United

    Horrible miss from Rashford. Great delivery from Greenwood, that was on a plate.
  12. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    Rashford's head has dropped.
  13. Post match vs Chelsea

    The lack of anticipation from our strikers is glaring at times. They never seem aware of where Shaw and James are working the ball to from out wide, even when the ball is going right into the danger area they inevitably show up late. They are talented players but you question whether they have...
  14. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    The final ball is lousy with Bruno off form and Pogba out. The strikers we have don't anticipate crosses and don't read the game.
  15. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    So obvious that we were going to feck up that break.