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  1. Top of the League!

    We shouldn't get too carried away. Looking like we'll be behind Leicester tonight. Only 5 points ahead of West Ham. Just finishing top 4 will be tough.
  2. Gary Neville WAS a red

    Even the 'Mata game' was against 10 men for 45 minutes. We had 6 shots.
  3. Would you be happy with finishing 3rd this season but with more points than last season?

    Of course. We need another top 4 finish which is nowhere near guaranteed at this point. Too early to be thinking about titles for this team.
  4. Bruno Fernandes | 2020/21 Performances

    He was awful, probably the worst player in the pitch but it was clear from just watching a few clips before he came there would be frustrating days like this. On another one of his risky passes creates the chance that wins the game. That's what you get with him. It's extra frustrating on a...
  5. Luke Shaw | 2020/21 Performances

    I had written him off as not good enough but he's playing his best football since his leg break. Hope he keeps it up.
  6. Our defence is our Achilles heel - despite £130m of investment

    We conceded 11 (46%) of our 24 goals in the first 3 games. Good thread.
  7. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Thiago and Wijnaldum are excellent CMs. We have McTominay and Fred it's hardly a mismatch. Shaqiri I expect will be a number 10. Matching us up.
  8. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Good line up. 50/50 on Lindelof but I still don't trust Bailly not to drop a clanger despite his recent good displays.
  9. Premier League Fixtures 16th - 23rd

    The finish was class no disputing that but he should have never got the chance.
  10. Premier League Fixtures 16th - 23rd

    That was some terrible play from Sheff Utd giving the ball away and shocking defending. Let Spurs off the hook.
  11. Premier League Fixtures 16th - 23rd

    Spurs only 3 points behind if it stays like this, Leicester a point behind. Far too early to be talking about titles for us. We could easily not even finish top 4 yet it's that tight.
  12. Premier League Fixtures 16th - 23rd

    Quite the opposite so far this season.
  13. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Seems about right to me, but pretty much the opposite of predictions here.
  14. Why have we started playing Rashford on the right?

    It's as much to fit Pogba in on the left rather than Cavani up front. I think the Ole's first choice front 3 is Pogba, Martial, Rashford at the moment.
  15. The “Ole In” Brigade

    Yeah there has been no significant change in approach we've just been getting gradually better at what we were doing all along which many of us could see. Consistency of selection and better quality available a key factor. Saying anything along the lines of "Ole's changed now so I'll happily...