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  1. All ticket/travel information thread - 2019/20 edition - Touting will not be tolerated on the site

    Fairly long shot the but I am looking for 2-5 tickets for the City game in march.
  2. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I’ll be furious if we touch that piece of shit.
  3. The Trump Presidency | Biden Inaugurated

    This is pure evil. Anyone who voted for this is evil. Anyone who supports Trump is either evil or stupid but most likely both. I am stunned.
  4. The Trump Presidency | Biden Inaugurated

    So let me get this straight. -The President-elect of the United States used Russia to influence the election. -Is proven to discriminate against minorities as a landlord. -Tries to circumvent federal law to get his son-in-law into the administration. -Employs an extreme-right maniac for one...
  5. Norwegian Football 2020

    Fire him. NOW!
  6. 2016 US Presidential Elections | Trump Wins

    Unbelievable. An actual racist becoming president of the United States. An actual orange, nasty, wig-wearing, misogynist, racist idiot becoming president. The problem isn't Trump, the problem is the massive amount of stupid idiots and that problem is not limited to the US.
  7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic |United Player | See the thread in the United Forum

    For an absolute shit Sweden team up against decent teams. These three games are not anything to judge Zlatan by. Sure, he may fail in the PL but I don't think we've learned anything by watching him in the Euros.
  8. Summer Transfer Tweets 2016

    FFS, First time I've been tempted to report a post. Disgusting joke.
  9. Nice Article on Dennis Irwin one of my favorite players...

    Had the pleasure of meeting him in the flesh earlier this year and he was the perfect gentleman. Fantastic player too.
  10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic |United Player | See the thread in the United Forum

    I have never been more excited about a transfer in my life. I am desperate for us to sign him, it will be absolutely amazing. I can't believe there are actually United fans that have watched us over the past few seasons that are against us signing Zlatan fecking Ibrahimovic. He is everything we...
  11. Martial as our 9

    The combination of speed, strength and cool finishing reminds me of Ronaldo at Barcelona.* He seems extremely confident in his own abilities and he looks like a proper number nine. *I'm not comparing ability but style of play.
  12. Norwegian Football 2020

    Of those 9 defeats, 5 were losses in two-legged ties that saw the Norwegian team win. Add to that the fact that of the four losses that actually mattered, two were against Dortmund then it's very, very good by Norwegian standards.
  13. Norwegian Football 2020

    Not bad, eh? Fenerbahce - Molde 1-3!
  14. Suarez

    Yeah but it's not his fault. It's just his will to win. Heart on his sleeve, if you will. Have you ever really, really wanted to win something? It's just so easy to resort to cheating, biting and especially racism. I just can't believe you would blame poor Luis for biting Ivanovic. It's not his...
  15. Suarez

    I wonder when enough will be enough for Liverpool when it comes to Suarez. Though I wonder what it will take as racism AND biting isn't enough for even the slightest criticism. The half-arsed PR-apology intended to reduce the ban lost all meaning when they AGAIN tried to paint him as a victim...