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  1. Is Ole’s football really any better than José & LVG’s?

    This sums it all up perfectly.
  2. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    Four and a half hours since we last scored now.
  3. Post match vs West Bromwich Albion

    No-one can talk about Spurs being bottle jobs. We are the champions at falling short, disgusting that we get 1 point against Sheffield Utd and West Brom. Rashford had been the worse player on our team for the last 2 months, so bad that my wife calls him RashTurd now. So angry, rant over.
  4. Arsenal vs Manchester United

    Arsenal have stepped it up this half. Can smell a goal coming.
  5. Post match vs Sheffield United

    You could see this coming for a few weeks now. Hope it isn't the start of a long run of bad results but that seems to be the cycle. Come on lads don't fall into the old ways.
  6. Manchester United vs Sheffield United

    This has got 1-1 all over it. United will score in the 80 something minute but fail to grab a winner.
  7. Manchester United vs Paris St Germain

    Anonymous would have been better than the way he played tonight (see him score now)
  8. Internationals November (Nations League / Euro 2021 play-offs / Friendlies)

    The rules are the rules. Everyone knows them before they start.
  9. Internationals November (Nations League / Euro 2021 play-offs / Friendlies)

    How would it be a fluke, if you win you win.
  10. Next Manager

    Looks like Ole still has a few moves.
  11. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    This would definitely be the case if fans were in the grounds making their feelings known about Ed and the Glazers while showing support for Ole. The fact that they are not gives the board more of a free hit if they do want to move Ole on, yes they will get abuse on social media but I don't...
  12. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Did you actually watch this match, nothing to be happy about apart from a decent performance from Victor.
  13. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    No courage from Ole, not a United manager today I'm afraid, needs to grow a pair.