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  1. Dean Henderson | Forest interested in loan with option to buy (20m) - Romano

    I've heard unsubstantiated rumours that he is a bit of a pr*ck so this move doesn't actually surprise me that much. I'm all for the club clearing house if there are negative influences within the squad - but don't fanny about and loan the guy. Sell him and move on.
  2. Key to being a 'reliable source' on Twitter

    The thing is, whilst there are people out there who fetishise transfer news there will always be others trying to service that and profit from it. I know true boots on the ground football journalists, and none of them take people like Romano that seriously - he's a bit of a joke. He's like the...
  3. Apple signs 10 year deal with MLS to be exclusive broadcaster from 2023

    Their MLB Friday Night Show is fairly slick, from a presentation point of view, I'll give them that.
  4. Key to being a 'reliable source' on Twitter

    I've always thought it's way more interesting hearing stories of the 'how' and 'why' certain transfers happen, information you usually only see published after the fact and something you'll almost never see many of these aggregator type 'journalists' come out with themselves - which just goes to...
  5. June internationals (WC qualifiers and Nations League)

    Oh yeah, sorry. My bad. :houllier:
  6. Ralf Rangnick's consultancy role has been scrapped

    If it's ETH pulling his weight then I don't see a problem with this. If it's not, it's really f*cking bizarre.
  7. Champions League Final: Liverpool v Real Madrid | Hala Madrid!

    Mickey Owen is proper thick isn't he.
  8. Champions League Final: Liverpool v Real Madrid | Hala Madrid!

    Thank f*ck for that. 'Treble' dreams. :lol:
  9. Champions League Final: Liverpool v Real Madrid | Hala Madrid!

    Every time he wins the ball the way he spins away with pace, so dangerous. He's having a fantastic game.
  10. Jadon Sancho | 2021/22 Performances

    For a second I thought Sancho was holding a tiny gun. :lol:
  11. Should suits be worn on cup final day?

    All the players and staff in tracksuits, but all the fans have to wear fitted suits.