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  1. David Beckham vs Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Far too early to be comparing him to Becks and i presume they're being solely compared on their crossing/passing ability not overall ability as they played in 2 different positions. Criminal under representation of Beckham's legendary career at play here ( or over estimation of TAA 2 year career...
  2. Get rid of VAR NOW! We want our game back! (...or not, some are happy)

    Another weird decision tonight blatant penalty on mane not given when azpilecuta barges through his back and it looks like VAR didn't even look at it.
  3. Underage football

    Dublin man here still playing football in Dublin and managing my brothers DDSL team and the news has completely rocked our team who up until now had a squad of 10 players. The club i manage is a relatively small club situated in a majority rugby/GAA stronghold of our area and it will now be near...