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  • Awful season, but I wanna see him under Ten Hag before I lose all hope
  • Our future captain, apparently
  • Awful performance, this first season from him has been extremely disappointing. He better step up over the summer or people will start turning on him (and rightly so)
  • I don't know what game you were watching. He was shit this game. In fact, he's been crap the whole season. 10 goals, 13 assists, most chances created in the epl might sound good on paper, but it doesn't say how destructive he's been to our...
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    Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he goes somewhere else and becomes a world beater. There's something wrotten in our club, it's crazy to see how every player of ours turns to shit the more time they spend with us
  • I feel like he's been great in the second half of the season. Maybe he just needed to get used to the pace/physicality of the premier league for a while there?
  • He was good and scored an excellent goal. He really should have scored a second one as well, though, his finishing has been crap this season overall
  • Good performance by his current standards
  • Is this for real? I can't believe it And someone here said he was one of our better players today :lol:
  • Probably should have scored a goal, but I thought overall he was decent. I could see him develop into a worthy winger in the future
  • I actually thought he started playing some decent passes once Matic came off and he became the deepest midfielder. Bang average player, though. Should never be a starter
  • Thought he was really good today, hopefully he can become more incisive under Ten Hag though
  • Missed penalties can happen, I don't blame him one bit for that. But his general play has been shocking the whole season bar a few games and that's something I hope won't fly under Ten Hag
  • Thought this might have been his best game of the season. His passing and link-up play was excellent, lost count of how many chances we've created thanks to him. Also, super unlucky with the offside goal, that would have been spectacular
  • He's not been the successfull return I was hoping he'd turn out to be, but man on days like these it's like he brings out the kid in me.