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  1. Ravel Morrison | Free agent again

    Well the Sancho deal is dead so why not ?
  2. What do you see happening with Gareth Bale?

    Bale will be remembered mostly as a guy who wasted his talent putting money over playing . However i doubt he cares
  3. Nathan Ake (Close to signing for Man City, £40m fee)

    So much for all the posters saying Ole tapped him up . People need to get their ears checked
  4. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Are people seriously saying he was not sulky and lazy in past seasons ? That is delusion on a scale i never thought possible .
  5. Is Lingard as good as gone?

    Excellent today i would be happy to keep him instead of Grealish or Sancho and use the money elsewhere
  6. Jadon Sancho - Patience fellow muppets

    I think its over and if Ed has walked away then well done to him . We were totally ripped off with Maguire and we have got to learn from that and stop allowing clubs to screw us over . If Sancho wanted to come to Utd he could come out and say so forcing the issue but instead its just all about...
  7. Jack Grealish

    Any chance people might actually post about Grealish in this thread and not Bruno,Veron, Berbatov, Pogba, Smalling etc ?
  8. Television The Wire

    Forgot that too just reading he was an acting coach and coached the four new young actors throughout season 4 . On a side note while googling him Delaney Williams who played Jay Landsman has lost a ton of weight and looks well
  9. Television The Wire

    Joe had it coming he was just to sneaky for his own good . You are right though wasn't too long after this till Marlo and Chris came for him... like Omar he ran out of time
  10. Television The Wire

  11. Jadon Sancho - Patience fellow muppets

    So its dead in the water then ? Still money saved buy Grealish and Zaha and we come out smiling
  12. Jadon Sancho - Patience fellow muppets

    Lot of money to strengthen a position we are good in but I'm in
  13. Jadon Sancho - Patience fellow muppets

    Yes and anyone who got a Sanchez no 7 shirt just needs a little bit of work to make it Sancho
  14. Northern Ireland Thread

    Sad news a great man and excellent speaker .
  15. What next for Eddie Howe?

    I expect he will take over Barcelona or Real Madrid next .