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  1. The Culture Wars

    Yeah I tend to agree as well. Although saying "ever" is always a bold statement.
  2. Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News

    Did he think it was played at the Etihad?
  3. Cop in America doing a bad job, again

    Compare this to the police involved with the recent killings in Norway. The police in Norway are considering asking for an investigation of themselves.
  4. 5 killed in Norway in Bow and Arrow Shooting

    This specific case. We've already had at least one politician blame Islam for this on Facebook and used it to propagate their racist agenda.
  5. 5 killed in Norway in Bow and Arrow Shooting

    This has already happened... In Denmark. feck our politicians and the people who vote them in.
  6. Gay footballers

    You also have the fact lesbians have always been sexualised by straight men whereas gay men haven't. I'm sure plenty of lesbians have been asked to kiss their partner on a night out by straight men whereas gay men have had abuse and worse directed at them. So I guess lesbians have been more...
  7. Andreas Pereira | 2021/22 Performances

    That's a hell of a strike.
  8. Gaming Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch)

    Ah so it's the length of your save file or something? That sounds very short though.
  9. Gaming Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch)

    That was quick. How many hours did it take?
  10. Could we be heading into Stagflation?

    Not that I've noticed. I don't drive though. I haven't heard talk of anything with regards to those prices. Unemployment is like 3.6 % which is the lowest in 12 years (which worryingly was around the last crash).
  11. Could we be heading into Stagflation?

    Denmark is doing really well coming out of the pandemic. However, we are overdue a crash. Housing prices are ridiculous and it surely can't continue growing much longer.
  12. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    Why would a truck driver leave a full-time position in e.g. the EU for a short-term one in the UK. It sounds like there's a shortage of drivers everywhere, so if you want work on the industry why go for the short-term option? Of course a very high wage might convince people but then it'd have to...
  13. Drinking at seats in football grounds could be reinstated

    The first time I set foot in an English stadium I was very surprised to learn I could only drink below the stands.
  14. Brexited | the worst threads live the longest

    Standard fare in Ethiopia, you'll get by.