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  1. Chris Smalling | 2020/21 Performances

    He’s not only better than Lindelöf; he’s better than Maguire too. We shouldn’t sell him.
  2. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Same here. For me Ole was not good enough from the first day, he’s not good enough now and he won’t be good enough in the future to manage this club.
  3. Victor Lindelöf | 2020/21 Performances

    Someone at the club, Please tell this pussy of a defender to feck off to sweden or somewhere else that’s far away from our club. Maguire is not much better than this clown either. I swear playing Smalling in a one man defence would be far better than playing these two clowns.
  4. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    Great ball playing skills from our captain.
  5. Ole has no system that I can see ..... or do I just need better glasses?

    You can’t really say it’s knee jerking when it’s been 21 months into Ole’s tenure can you? It’s obvious that he doesn’t have a clear playing style/system like all the top managers/coaches have.
  6. Thiago Alcantara | Pool bound

    Thiago is not a “United player” but Daniel feckin James is according to Ryan Giggs. I hope we don’t make another stupid sentimental decision by hiring him after Ole.
  7. No Sancho, no Top 4... Really?

    No, of course we’re also better than this time last year with Bruno, van de beek etc. but as others have said we are a couple of lengthy injuries away from having to play mediocre players like James, Williams etc. What happens if we don’t sign anyone for our RW or LB and Greenwood/Shaw/Rashford...
  8. No Sancho, no Top 4... Really?

    It didn’t happen when we signed Martial 5 years ago did it? No point in blindly defending the club when we’re not doing what we got to do which is strengthening our squad to push on.
  9. No Sancho, no Top 4... Really?

    Smugness and cockiness are all good until you get hit by the harsh reality. How can anyone say “we’ll comfortably make top 3-4” is beyond me. Our league position last year was misleading and we could’ve easily finished 5th on the last day. And you can safely say all of City, Chelsea, Spurs...
  10. Sergio Reguilón

    If I remember correctly, Juventus bought Morata from Real Madrid after accepting a buy-back clause. And they made it to the Champions League final that season(14-15) with Morata’s semi final goals in both legs against Real Madrid. Was it embarrassing for them too? Like our club, people here are...
  11. Henderson signs 6 year contract

    That's what I was thinking. We shouldn't lose Romero as our no 2. Also there's no guarantee that Henderson will succeed at a big club with pressure every week. He could well be another Ben Foster, Tom Heaton or Tim Howard.
  12. 2020 Champions League Final - Bayern Munich vs PSG (free on BT/YoutubeUK) - LIVE - Bayern 1-0 PSG as predicted by voters (79.4%)

    Congrats to resident Bayern fans. Spend all the money in the world on best players in the game and got done in CL final by a goal scored by your academy product :lol: Couldn’t happened to a nicer bunch. Serves them right.
  13. 2020 Europa League Final - Inter Milan v Sevilla

    Haha feck you Conte & Lukaku!
  14. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | Scores the decisive goal in a European final

    Big game player strikes again :lol: His miss at 2-2 a couple of minutes ago also reminded me why I didn't miss him even one bit. He can score 1000 goals a season. Never a top class striker in a million years.
  15. Harry Maguire involved in incident with police in Greece - conviction nullified by appeal, full retrial pending

    Pogba didn't suck at anything. It was Jose who was the problem. Both Rashford & Pogba would be far better captains than Maguire.