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  1. Chris Smalling | 2019/20 Performances

    The only aspect Maguire is better than Smalling is his calmness on the ball. He’s not a better 1 vs 1 defender, he’s not faster, he doesn’t do as much in attack as Smalling etc. How exactly can he be “far superior” than Smalling?
  2. Unpopular opinion - Daniel James is not very good

    He's as bad & detrimental to our attack as Lingard if not more. Any attack vanishes immediately when the ball is played to him or his way as he's physically too weak and can't protect the ball. He's basically a counter attack player and needs space behind the defence to use his pace which is his...
  3. Joshua King | United offer confirmed by Eddie Howe

    What a feckin joke. Ole seems to be determined to reassemble his United youth team with these average players on top of his beloved jessie, pogba etc. Let’s bring back Oliver norwood & ravel morrison from Sheffield United while we’re at it.
  4. Bruno Fernandes: Manchester United Player

    No, it's not. I don't rate any of the previous three as top/potentially top players (especially Maguire & James) so this is potentially the first one for me.
  5. Hating Lingard

    Feckin brainless player. How many times he wasted a counter attacking chance and give away easy balls that created danger in our goal? I lost count. Get this clown out of the club.
  6. Bruno Fernandes: Manchester United Player

    An attacking midfielder who can actually score & assist as well as shoot from range after Mata's legs gone. I hope we don't turn him to shit like we did with quite a few players and he can produce the same quality at this level. Also hope this doesn't mean Pogba is off in the summer so we signed...
  7. Marcus Rojo - Finally found a taker?

    Didn't Ole say he's been injured/ill and not going anywhere in his last press conference? We didn't renew his contract last year. It was in Mourinho's second season 17-18 (March '18).
  8. Our strongest midfield combination – Chelsea away 17th Feb

    -----Pogba---------Fred----- -------------Matic-------------- That's still our best midfield like it or not. McTominay's not a DM and not good enough to start. He's not better than Fred. Don't get the overhyping of him from some fans. He's nothing special. A good squad player at best.
  9. Islam Slimani - Man Utd and Spurs interested

    Probably in 3 or 4 seasons as he scored a grand total of 2 league goals (1 in the mighty Turkish league in 15 games last season and 1 in PL in 16 games in 17-18) and 10 in the 46 games combined in all competitions in the last two seasons but OK we don't care about it. We actually have some fans...
  10. Edinson Cavani

    We are the youngest team in the Premier League and in serious need for experienced top players. Cavani is exactly that and can give us a couple of seasons while Greenwood getting ready for the first team. Him not playing in the PL before is not a big deal imo. We need ready made players who...
  11. Neil Ashton joins United as a PR consultant

    Just goes to show the sad state of the “journalism” in this day and age. “I’ll twist and turn the facts to suit your needs if you can pay me good money.”
  12. Post match vs Burnley

    It's OK guys we're going in the right directon even though the reality says absolutely the opposite and we're feckin shit. It will magically click at some point definitely!!!! This is worse than anything Moyes, Van Gaal or Mourinho served up. I hope Ed doesn't give him the funds because he'll...
  13. Solskjaer confirmed Maguire will be the new club captain

    Well said. And not just him; all of Ole's signings are shit (maybe AWB less shit as he can actually defend) for where we want to be. I also hope the next manager ships this donkey out. 80m FFS. What a waste of money. But but he's getting rid of deadwood like Smalling and buying quality like...
  14. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll added)

    Get him out of the club along with that slouch of a CB named Maguire. Even if we scrap a win, it doesn't mean anything. When we win it just papers over the cracks and not because we're getting progressively better at the playing style we want. A good coach does that with his team and you can...
  15. Is Roy Keane dead to you?

    Yeah, because that’s exactly what I meant in my previous post :rolleyes: Anyone with a half brain can see Ole’s out of his depth and doesn’t deserve to be in this job. Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in world football if not the biggest and we should have the best in business; be...