Oct 12, 2004
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April 17
M.U.M. knows best.

Man Utd Mrs

We all love our MUM, Female, from M.U.M. knows best.


Hmmm Jan 23, 2014

    1. Larseno
      Thanks for the two likes. Just found out about the profile post so sorry for not thanking you before:p
      1. Man Utd Mrs
        No problem :)
        Apr 7, 2015
    2. HumblePieEyed
      Thanks for the like on my Rose Bowl posts M.U.M.!
    3. Fiza Golden
      I want to let you know that one of your admins by the name of Solius has been causing trouble for myself & other folks. Solius was extremely rude & condescending in some of his replies to me & he deleted my posts, despite all my posts followed the guideline of Solius is a bully to myself & others & he's using his power as an admin to bully & harass. I sincerely hope something can be done about Solius.
    4. Swearengen
      Thanks for the like.
    5. KeninDC
      Thanks for the like. Appreciate it.
    6. Riyami UTD
      Hey thanks for the like!
      Can i say something that you wont use against me?
    7. minoo-utd
      Thanks for the two likes you gave me :) appreciate
    8. ClosetDevil
      Thanks for that :) Much appreciated, got me off the ground running!
      1. Man Utd Mrs
        keep it up :) x
        Feb 12, 2014
      2. ClosetDevil
        Thanks again! Really appreciate the support.
        Feb 14, 2014
    9. SiRed
      Thanks for the like! My first one. Much appreciated.
    10. lredl
      Just out of curiosity, is there no way that a person can be unbanned from their ip?
      I made the mistake of creating multiple accounts because he had too (because honestly a mod had banned his account because he thought he was a 'wum'.). He is a united supporter like any other supporter here.

      Is there any possible way of unbanning him? Have mercy on the guy. Are there any decent Mods/Admins out there?
    11. simon_xazza
      Think I successfully pm'd you, not used this new site much yet :)
    12. vijay
      I am privileged!
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    April 17
    M.U.M. knows best.
    Favourite Player:
    Giggs /Best/Pearson/Berbatov
    Best United Moment:
    Spending a holiday with Sir Matt and Lady Jean.
    Manchester, born and bred.

    United , Good Music.