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  • Thanks for the two likes. Just found out about the profile post so sorry for not thanking you before:p
    I want to let you know that one of your admins by the name of Solius has been causing trouble for myself & other folks. Solius was extremely rude & condescending in some of his replies to me & he deleted my posts, despite all my posts followed the guideline of Solius is a bully to myself & others & he's using his power as an admin to bully & harass. I sincerely hope something can be done about Solius.
    Just out of curiosity, is there no way that a person can be unbanned from their ip?
    I made the mistake of creating multiple accounts because he had too (because honestly a mod had banned his account because he thought he was a 'wum'.). He is a united supporter like any other supporter here.

    Is there any possible way of unbanning him? Have mercy on the guy. Are there any decent Mods/Admins out there?
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