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  1. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Also he can see from Harry Kane he's a good striker a very good one very experience striker but still find it hard to cop with Morinho philosophy
  2. Centre Back... Who do we go for?

    With Smalling staying I don't see us going for another cb this window
  3. Potential Matic Replacements

    Can anyone explain to me if Saul Niguez can play that Matic roll and be affective and become Matic replacement for years to come or is he more of a Pogba mould than he is Matic?
  4. Thomas Partey | Time to get the partey started?

    Is Saul really a defensive midfielder too?
  5. Potential Matic Replacements

    I am not sure Ole will be looking for another holding mid fielder in this window especially after giving Matic a three years contract he has a reason for doing that and i also doubt that Ndindi is the type of a defensive mid fielder that can fit Ole's system
  6. Harry Kane

    So if you had a chance to bring one of Kane or Sancho with Martial still in there who do you go for?
  7. Harry Kane

    Will you drop Martial for Kane?
  8. What two positions should we prioritise in the upcoming window?

    That is why Ighalo is here for
  9. Jack Grealish

    Grealish is the tipe of the players we should be after because we need more creativity in our squad in order to compete with the best but with all do respect he's going to be a rotation player and not a starter as paul and Bruno are, and right now from my point of view I think we need to go for...
  10. Which striker should we sign this summer?

    I'll give Martial another season to prove his worth and give Ighalo another six months contact if possible and from there I will see if i'll go for an upgrade on Martial or a back up for Martial
  11. Thomas Partey | Time to get the partey started?

    So between someone like Saul or an Ndodi who do you see matching Ole, system perfectly?
  12. Thomas Partey | Time to get the partey started?

    Is Saul a defensive midfielder too?