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  1. FA Youth Cup Final

    Good battle just about deserved it against a more physical team.
  2. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    Ajax 5-0 up Champions?
  3. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    Looks to me like they are on permanent holiday, I have seen walking foorballers with more energy.
  4. Turning on Rangnick

    Pro footballers who cannot pass a ball 5 yards, can't run and get paid thousands of pounds a week. There are a lot of bad apples in a rotten barrel.
  5. Utd Kits 22/23

  6. United's dirty linen: should it be washed in public or behind closed doors?

    It has beeen going on for some time and not been dealt with, the more that comes to the surface about mismanagement the better. Maybe someone will then get a grip.
  7. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    No yellow cards this is not Liverpool v Manchester United
  8. Manchester United vs Norwich City

    This lot cannot pass a football 2 yards.
  9. Post match vs Everton

    Pro footballers playing for Manchester United Can't make simple passes. Don't put in enough effort. Walk around and hang on to the ball too long. Give up after conceding a goal. No one can get a tune out of this lot.
  10. Everton vs Manchester United

    Looks like we have gone, no fight.
  11. Everton vs Manchester United

    Pogba not what we need.
  12. Everton vs Manchester United

    Automatically give the ball away.
  13. Have we turned a corner ?

    This is more like a U bend and years overdue.
  14. Manchester United vs Leicester City

    Some posters on here should have been around in the 70's, we played some awful football but the fans always supported the team. Even when we were relegated.