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    Son just f*cked up the whole thing for me in my private league :( Now decison to stick with Salah for gw9 or bin him
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    Good job Kulu, fire me back to top spot nowww
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    First time ever top the Redcafe league, so proud of myself The question for next wd is whether to replace Salah with Diaz or Antony
  • Good game from Scotty, credits where it’s due. There were moments of usual passing weakness but did hold his position well enough. Need to improve consistency against teams that sit back to become usefull bench player.
  • Keep up the good work, and please avoid injury. I sincerely believe Tony’s the key to our attack this season.
  • I have a lingering concern that you're McTom himself :lol: You accused me of not supporting the player when I meerly predicted his performance based on 4 years of statistis, and today's game proved me right again and again. Am I delighted? Not a...
  • Maybe he’s describing Kevin De Bruyne :rolleyes:
  • Well well, what do I know, right?
  • His stats compared to other CMs backed up my claims: Terrible, with or without context. And obviously, he didn’t pass the eyetest for me. Is this objectively constructive enough for you?
  • I don’t understand what you mean by saying my mind was made up. His abilities have been evaluated for a while now, I didn’t base my opinion on him for this game or that game. Check his stats or, funnily, other people outside of Man Utd’s circle...
  • We are here in this forum to evaluate our players and their performance for Manchester United. I always cheer for our team and players in our games, but that will not shy me away to critically assess them. My assessment of McTominay is there...
  • I have no idead why there are some fans who watch football alot (looking at you @Champ) would say McTominay has good abilities: - Passing: hit and miss, many sideway pass, no left foot, occasional long switchs to wingers. - Tackling: always the...