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  1. Post match vs Aston Villa

    I don't think the high energy German press approach is the way to consistently challenge for PL titles in this current football era. We need to dominate possession. LVG started that process but we didn't have the players at the time to make it work.
  2. Phil Jones Future

    Best muppet on the pitch for us so far....
  3. Solskjaers Legacy

    ...or a Vjauxhall
  4. Ole Sack Watch

    SAF used to always appoint an experienced coach on the tactics of the time, while he did the motivation and man management. He was also ruthless when he needed to be. Since he retired it's all been about sentiment and sympathy for the United way of playing youth and sticking by the manager...
  5. Ronaldo will take Rooney’s record

    The rate limiting step is not Ronaldo but many of the rest of the team....
  6. Ronaldo will take Rooney’s record

    At that point he'll be player / manager, scraping by on just 20 goals a season.
  7. Ronaldo will take Rooney’s record

    Don't nip out for a piss @Pexbo
  8. Bruno Fernandes | 2021/22 Performances

    But we've been the ones who played against more parked bus teams so far this season, not City, so you're contradicting your own argument.
  9. Ronaldo will take Rooney’s record

    Has anyone said this yet?.... Surely Ronaldo breaking Rooney's goals record would invariably mean us winning four league titles in a row. Which United player has the most of those? Giggs? Running totals of league titles as well please, OP....:D
  10. Anthony Taylor

    Martial completely upended there and nothing given
  11. Post match vs Chelsea

    If only McTom had crossed it at the end....
  12. How is that Hudson-Odoi handball not a penalty?

    Hasselbank. "He's a lucky boy but it's good for the game". It's good for the game that waving your arms in the air and poking the ball goes unpunished is it?
  13. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    ...and a selection of wigs, glasses and hats.