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  1. Leeds United discussion | Bielsa watch

    well said :lol:
  2. Brighton and Hove Albion 2020/21 season

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Ben White does this season after he did so well for us at Leeds. He’s got a good future in the game. Good luck to the lad.
  3. Leeds United discussion | Bielsa watch

  4. Manchester United Leeds United Rivalry

    FFS:houllier: You either haven’t been arsed to check the history of my club or just don’t understand our rivalry with you being Manchester‘s second club. Please make your 50th post more interesting than your previous ones. You sound like a spotty faced teenager.
  5. The Championship 2019/2020

  6. The Championship 2019/2020

  7. Manchester United Leeds United Rivalry

    Quality control needs upping Mods. Who let this numpty in?! :lol:
  8. Manchester United Leeds United Rivalry

    :lol: Being reduced to the second best side in Manchester has made you even more bitter than usual.
  9. Leeds United discussion | Bielsa watch

    Greetings :)
  10. The Championship 2019/2020

    Great performance tonight from Leeds. 5-0
  11. Saudis taking over Newcastle | Maybe not

    Benitez didn’t manage sunderland and that puts him ahead of Bruce with the daft Geordies.
  12. The Championship 2019/2020

    Should being the right word. Nowt straight forward for us.
  13. Katie Hopkins gets PermaBan from Twitter

    Of course she does....Being controversial and causing conflict is how she earns her money.
  14. Norman Hunter.

  15. Norman Hunter.

    One of my footballing heroes. So much more to his game than the dirty tag. Still a regular at Elland Road on match days and a gentleman. Always had time and a smile for anyone wanting his autograph or a photo. A sad day for the fans, the club and the city. Rest in Peace Norman. MOT