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  1. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    All that may be so. But what Madrid have are options, because they haven't backed themselves into a corner compromising their future. When faced with a choice, choose whatever leaves you with the most options in case things don't work out. So I'd back them to find a way to figure it out...
  2. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    People said that before this summer because they couldn't wrap their heads around a club mired in debt spending money by selling off possible revenue streams simply to recruit players (rather than servicing the debt) for a single summer. I still can't, but whatever. And enough about the 4-0 at...
  3. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    Madrid are simply a better team, better squad with a proven, more experienced manager. They've invested in their stadium, and have recruited well this summer without compromising their ability to spend in the coming seasons by selling off revenue streams. You've spent - and continue to spend...
  4. Scott McTominay | 2022/23 Performances

    From Keane, Scholes, Carrick to this ...
  5. Brentford vs Manchester United

    Not just that. That breakaway goal was on him, IMHO. A proper CB, alert for danger, would close down the opposition's only outlet the second we lose the ball. He was caught marking space. He's just too reactive!
  6. Brentford vs Manchester United

    Have to agree. I at first wanted to blame DDG, but Ericksen was at fault here. He tried to play an inside pass to Maguire, because he didn't know the closing player was on his left. A simple touch to his outside would have beaten the press. We need a proper six.
  7. Time to get militant?

    This is an unfair characterization. We are talking about an ownership model so reviled and infamous that it's become forbidden; that there was even an 'anti-Glazer' clause inserted into the agreement Boelhy and his consortium entered into to purchase Chelsea. Unfortunately, the most prestigious...
  8. Time to get militant?

    Nah. What you're talking about is short-term pain. We have to take the long view here. Wishful thinking perhaps, but I believe that's what it takes to get rid of these. IMO if we're gonna have to bleed a little, so be it. We are already being bled dry here, so we might as well use it to get...
  9. Time to get militant?

    I agree. Sustaining momentum is what we need. I can only hope we have a core of match-going fans around whom the rest can rally. Maybe I'm being naive, but I can hope. We can't let up even after improvements on the pitch. It must be clear that this isn't about that. We need these parasites gone.
  10. Marko Arnautović | United have pulled out

    This isn't intended to be a personal attack. I'll address this particular bit to correct something. Please realize that 'race' is an invention (which isn't to say it doesn't have a real impact on people's lives). It is something constructed to serve a social purpose, typically to separate...
  11. Time to get militant?

    Well thought-out post, but I disagree with the bolded bit. There would certainly be a subset of those who'd want to portray themselves as saviours of United, and gain legitimacy that way. We are still a prestigious name, if nothing else. They might think to themselves that all they would need is...
  12. Time to get militant?

    It's more complicated than that. They sold tickets for the Liverpool game after the Super League debacle, too, but we all saw their reaction when the game got called off. Optics matter. Arnold himself alluded to this when he sat down with the 1958 fans early this summer: such things spook...
  13. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    Didn't Boelhy meet with the Barca hierarchy early this summer? Must have hogged the buffet table too much at lunch for Laporta's liking.
  14. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    While I'd very much like to believe this, the levels of incompetence shown by the club in the last couple of hours makes me think it's plausible we might have pursued a deal anyway regardless.