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  1. Top Goalscores and Assist-makers of 2010-2019.

    Says all competitions in top 5 leagues. So loses out on 3 years.
  2. UEFA Changed Team of the Year Formation to Fit Cristiano Ronaldo

    Still not as bad as Hazard winning EL poty
  3. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    Feel free to comment on these 'higher levels' and when they were achieved.
  4. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    I've missed the good old excuses from Hazard fans crying about Chelsea being this defensive minded side who parked the bus on a weekly basis, which held 'Eden' back.. As for his 'stats' last year.. lets use that key word context.. 16 goals - 14 of those were against sides from 10th to 20th. 5...
  5. Eden Hazard | Real Madrid player

    Not a chance he's above Aguero or KDB just to start with.. Salah and arguably Mane as well. His WC is as overrated as Englands. Couldn't care less about lame individual awards that don't often judge actual performances and are based on reputation and hype.
  6. Alfredo Morelos 'El Bufalo'

    Red card was just one of many atrocious decisions from a ref only looking to send off one player. The first yellow was laughable. Christie can grab Morelos manhood on a yellow card and no second yellow. Jullien clear red card when kicking him in the calf when in one on one. Left back on a...
  7. Messi v Ronaldo | Contains double your daily salt allowance

    These Ronaldo fanboys and Messi haters have a habit of lying about La Liga. That being said its not solely Ronaldo fans, EPL fanboys claim this myth. I remember the whole no team in England would get 100 points was the argument... blah blah and then City did it and the goalposts were changed...
  8. Ballon D’or 2019: who will win it? (Alleged leak: Messi 1, Van Dijk 2, Salah 3).

    Was just going to post this. Mane is better and was in the CL and league last year. Van Dijk was poor in group stage and at Barca which seems to be ignored.
  9. Ballon D’or 2019: who will win it? (Alleged leak: Messi 1, Van Dijk 2, Salah 3).

    De Jong and Mahrez ahead of Sterling.. aye awrite..
  10. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    Why do you continue to post this blatant myth? When Guardiola was announced City were 3 points behind Leicester. Had lost 5 and drawn 5 in 23 games. Were on poor form before the announcement. 3 games in Feb were defeats to Leicester, Liverpool and Spurs. Pool won 4-1 at City earlier in the...
  11. CL 19/20 Group Stages: Week 6 (Last Round)

    Clear foul by Lucas. Joke.
  12. Lionel Messi

    Van Dijk was hardly great in groups especially away from home or in Barcelona. Allison saved them from going out of the groups. Origi, Wijnaldum also very key at crucial stages. He was not anymore important than Allison, Mane or Salah. Van Dijk is a very good player, a key player but its a myth...
  13. Premier League Gameweek 13

    Robertson starts and Salah on the bench to no surprise to anyone...
  14. Celtic and Rangers

    Other clubs in Scotland including Hearts fans are bad as well, just not highlighted by the media as much. Racism towards Morelos recently a prime example!
  15. Celtic and Rangers

    This is inaccurate. Villarreal were the better team but only had 4 shots on target in 90 minutes. One was a wonder goal. Apart from a great Bacca chance Rangers defended well and scored two good goals. Rangers were robbed away to Spartak Moscow when Morelos scored for 4-2 and was wrongly...