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    Twice as good as we think we are and half as good as we deserve.
  • Even when he isn’t having the best of games he is still very neat and tidy on the ball, the goals may be harder to come by this season but there is definite progress in his all round game. It will be a number of years before he is even close to...
  • Nothing but respect for Marcus, he gives everything he has and plays through injuries when others wouldn’t. That’s without mentioning his off field exploits, only the most bitter of fan wouldn’t be proud that this lad plays for Man Utd.
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    Oh my dayz guy is disturbed! Football isn’t for him...dude needs help!
  • The lad is 19, of course he is going to be inconsistent, he is already in his second season and a regular for Man Utd. When I was his age I could barely hold down a part time job at House of Faser! He will get better and better as he matures.
  • Talented lad for sure and tidy in possession, his off the ball movement isn’t great though and needs a lot of work, plenty of time though for the lad!
  • Ole see’s him in training every day, is a former top level professional and a manager for a number of years but sure some folks know better, despite having close to zero evidence that this kid is close to being ready. You guys know better than...
  • Didn’t put a foot wrong all night and provided a quality assist, MOTM for me tonight.
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    I am stuck on 9 likes at the moment, if someone starts a new thread that would be great otherwise I will wait on my final like And create one myself eventually. I have a couple of great programs to share for sure from the Busby babes era.
  • He is brilliant at that arching run in behind, his first touch has been very good tonight too, we are lucky to have him.
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    Brilliant from Rashford that, he is the best around at those arching runs in behind. What a touch and finish that was.
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    Greenwood is so sharp on the ball at the moment.
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    Would anyone be interested in me taking some photos of some old match day programs I have from the 50s and 60s and would this be the correct place to add them? Would it be better in a dedicated (historical) match day program thread maybe?
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    It is good management for sure, I work as a senior manager and have built several great teams over the years, temperament and communication skills are the first thing I look for despite it being it being a highly technical industry (software)...
  • I’d love to know how far Cafu ran against us when he basically produced the best full back performance I have ever seen back in the day.