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  1. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    They are missing 6 first team players out there, seriously...
  2. Television Unfunny comedians

    Jo Brand Jim Carrey (though I rate him as an actor actually) Robin Williams (see comment above about Carrey) Jerry Seinfeld Kevin Hart Noam Macdonald (though he has his moments) I am sure the list above is some sort of blasphemy.
  3. Nazi concentration camp secretary trial

    I wouldn't worry about that happening anytime soon, I mean the Americans are responsible for one of the worst war crimes in history (nuclear war) but then we don't persecute the winners.
  4. Nazi concentration camp secretary trial

    I wasn't aware of that, you learn something new every you have any links I can look at detailing that information? I'd be glad to read it.
  5. Nazi concentration camp secretary trial

    Where does it say she applied for the role? I may have missed that possibly...did she also know what she was applying for?
  6. Nazi concentration camp secretary trial

    Yeah, the point iI was trying (and maybe failing) to get across is that these people were exposed to an environment which was able to take pretty regular people and make them commit awful acts in the name of a heinous regime/ideology. I honestly don't care if they take her to court or not, the...
  7. Nazi concentration camp secretary trial

    I literally said "if you were in her shoes", not all Germans would have had the same exposure to the camps of course. The point I am trying to make is that the majority of these people were not born evil and that many were pretty respectable individuals before the regime, they did horrendous...
  8. Nazi concentration camp secretary trial

    Yeah it's possible I have done the same as an 18 year old if I were raised in the same place and time, hard to say really but plenty of pretty ordinary people did atrocious things and people mostly went along with it, we are simply products of our time and experiences. It's also the point that...
  9. Nazi concentration camp secretary trial

    I didn't say they would be more Nazi? Not sure where you got that from my post...
  10. Nazi concentration camp secretary trial

    Seems pointless to me, an 18 year old secretary at the time and now 96 years of age, not really sure it's worthwhile. All those folks up in arms on here would likely have done the same in her shoes/environment. History isn't as clear cut as we like to make it sometimes. Are we the baddies?
  11. Manchester United vs Everton

    Victor is having a good game today.
  12. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    It sounds weird to say but there is an argument to say that from a pure boxing perspective this was one of Joshua's better performances. The problem of course was that Usyk is a superior boxer, his movement is too good for AJ to be able to close the space and apply pressure. AJ also felt the...
  13. Post match vs Villarreal

    Surely Jessie too?
  14. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    I don't know if has already been shared but Micah echo's my thoughts 100%. Ole needs to have a successful season without a doubt, the season is still very young and while we are competing in the PL/CL all is good, he will be judged at the end of...
  15. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Joshua is clearly gun-shy after the Ruiz loss, even though he won the titles back previously he did that by staying on the outside against an out of shape (even more so than usual) Andy Ruiz, it wasn't emphatic. His only chance to avenge this defeat would be to come in heavier and go for the...