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  1. Would you take Conte at United?

    Idk, I watched a lot of Inter and they bored me more often than not. Sitting back and hitting on the counter. We'll see I guess.
  2. Would you take Conte at United?

    The issue is the difference between hiring someone that can build a CL or PL winning team, and potentially hiring the next Jose. I don't mind Conte as a short term fix though, give him the season and see what he comes up with. At least he's made his bones way more than Ole has.
  3. Would you take Conte at United?

    We need to find the next Klopp, or someone like the next Tuchel. I don't watch enough to really know who that could be, I've never watched Ten Haag outside of one or two games in the CL for instance. I have watched a lot of Conte though as Inter had quite a lot of United players and the play...
  4. Would you take Conte at United?

    I watched a lot of Inter over the last 2 seasons due to all the ex-United players. They won because they had better players, but the football was never great. In the CL they got found out time after time.
  5. Would you take Conte at United?

    It's going to be Jose all over again. Shite football, falling out with players, falling out with the board. Signing a bunch of 30 year olds to play 5 at the back, probably sign Lukaku again for £70m once Chelsea bench him. It might work in Italy where the only competition is a crap Juve team...
  6. Film Dune - Delayed until Oct 2021

    I've never seen a film at IMAX - is it that much better? My local cinema is a 5 min walk away, whereas the closest IMAX is 30 minutes on the train, so not sure where to see it..
  7. Aaron Wan-Bissaka | 2021/22 Performances

    You look at the balls TAA plays and then you look at AWB and the difference is night and day. I genuinely would rate him as more than a £10m player having watched him for us. Yeah he's great in the tackle, but it's like looking at Ashley Cole and deciding to buy only half of him - the defensive...
  8. 4 Failed Managerial Appointments in 8 Years

    A very valid question and one that I'm worried about too. I don't trust the higher ups to get the next appointment right. As such as has been mentioned we really need to change to a rotating 1 year review of managers, the SAF story of being given time is incredibly unlikely to happen again so we...
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2021/22 Discussion

    3 year contract, one last parting gift from Ed Woodward before he fecks off too.
  10. How do we balance this Man Utd-team?

    In reality it's both. Squad has a lot of weaknesses. AWB offers nothing in attack, meaning our attacks are crap. Ronaldo is passed it. Midfield is mid table. It's a direct result of having a sub tier manager that's also recruited poorly.
  11. Sack him at half time

    Yeah but his signings have been poor too. Aside from Bruno and Maguire pre injury we've barely made any improvements to the first XI for all the money we've spent. £50m for wan Bissaka ffs
  12. Would you take Conte at United?

    No. It'd be the same situation as now in 2 years time. Go watch how Inter looked in the CL in the last 2 years under Cone to see how they played. We need to look beyond the Mourinho, Conte types.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 9

    What happened to Glaston? I enjoyed reading his bizzare wums here
  14. David Beckham reportedly agrees 150M deal to become ambassador for Qatar World Cup

    Makes it a bit more understandable, thought it was £150m just for the world cup which is mental. £15m a year isn't too bad when Becks has a massive social media following and is one of the most known and PG celebrities around. Spare change from Qatar but they get a lot of positive PR for it.
  15. Jack Grealish | Man City

    I'd take Grealish 10 out of10 times. 9 games in the league doesn't erase the last 2 seasons.