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  1. Abortion

    Exactly. I would rather run the risk of an Idiocracy situation than have some sort of authority define who is fit to have kids and who isn't.
  2. Abortion

    The added horrifying part is the inquisitions that will now happen to women who have miscarriages.
  3. Abortion

    You didn't wonder very hard or you are not paying attention but thank you for your insight.
  4. Abortion

    What we get for going with a dinosaur against Trump (granted, Trump may have won if we put someone else up).
  5. Abortion

    He is as liberal as you can get in West Virginia and still get elected. It's either him or some Trump sycophant so we are better off with him.
  6. Abortion

    They knew what was happening, they had no power. And people like Machin make sure they never have the power.
  7. Abortion

    It's funny, we celebrated like everything was better when Biden won, knowing the damage was done with not only the Supreme Court appointments but a shit ton of unqualified religious Federalist Society lawyers being appointed throughout the lower court systems.
  8. Abortion

    True, but on the flip side, there are states that passed laws years ago guaranteeing the right to abortion so some more liberal states were ahead of the game.
  9. Abortion

    I think the point is that a heartbeat is just as random of an organ to determine the beginning of life (or some imaginary cut off) as any other organ like a liver or kidney. The religious right have attached some sort of special meaning to heart development to determine when one can have an...
  10. Abortion

    In many cases, abortion is not terminating a heartbeat, so your premise is nonsense. In addition, why is a heartbeat the litmus test when brain development is they key factor? The heart is no different than the liver, or kidney.
  11. Abortion

    What if they don't have a heartbeat yet? What if it's a clump of cells (blastocyst)? I am not saying you should be able to abort a child that's viable, I am saying it should be up to a women to choose up to a certain point of fetal development, and that point should be decided by scientists...
  12. Religion, what's the point?

    Yeah, American religion is turning me from a passive atheist to a very angry one. I am afraid I will turn into Richard Dawkins twitter angry. Really miss Hitchens right now.
  13. Abortion

    Maybe because your example case for abortion was a college student doing it because it's not convenient. Each woman has their own story as to why they would want an abortion and it's not up to me to judge what is legitimate and what is frivolous.
  14. Abortion

    And we are shit at Gerrymandering. Another thing the activist Supreme Court helped the GOP on.
  15. Abortion

    It also requires an informed population and with half the population getting info from Fox "News", we are kind of stuck in hell.