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  1. The most unprofessional professionals in the modern game (no pre mid-90's and prior please!)

    Surprised nobody has mentioned Mark Bosnich yet he has to be one of the poster boys for unprofessionalism. I remember he had a few good games mind but he was really a mess.
  2. Willian - worth a punt?

    Except we have a squad which costs slightly more than 50% of yours. Your squad costs 600m and ours costs 350m. Even with the second most expensive squad in the league you struggled to finish 3rd and finished 6th...
  3. Willian - worth a punt?

    I’m delighted with this one. We need someone to come in and make an immediate impact because we have enough promising youngsters who might never make it and Willian has just had a very productive season and is fully settled in the PL/London. At 5m a year he will cost us 20m over 4 years which...
  4. 2019/20 Rivals - Arsenal

    This would be a very good window if we pulled off all these deals. Not sure how we can expect much more than this we don’t have a United size budget and we’re not in the CL either. Maybe if we get a good deal for Lacazette we could add another decent signing to that list.
  5. Maurizio Sarri's Sack Watch | And Now Our Watch Has Ended

    A league title with Juve these days is about as impressive as a league title with Celtic. Whoever manages Juve is meant to be challenging in the CL. He didn’t do it and they reckoned he probably wouldn’t be able to do it next season either so he got sacked. That’s my take on it anyway.
  6. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang | Performances

    You can blame Wenger for that. City were in for him in the summer for a good fee but Wenger turned them down and the rest is history. If we had sold him to City we would have picked up a nice fee while your problems with him would have been transferred to City.
  7. Arse FAM TV

    Thats a great comparison I didn’t notice the similarities. I don’t get why people downplay the importance of winning a trophy for a new manager. Pochettino who I rate as a top class manager was criticized for not delivering a trophy despite consistently qualifying for the CL and mounting a...
  8. Arse FAM TV

    Is finishing 6th with no FA Cup better than 8th with an FA Cup because that’s where you finished last season. I would take 8th with a trophy every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Arteta has been Arsenal manager since 20 December 2019, not even a full season. How is it fair to judge his...
  9. Arse FAM TV

    LVG had 2 seasons and hundreds of millions to spend. Arteta has been here for for half a season and barely spent any money. Hardly the same is it?
  10. FA Cup Final 2020 - Arsenal v Chelsea

    He’s the Swiss Charlie Adam. I hope he’s gone next season replaced by a competent footballer.
  11. How does Greenwood compare with Owen and Rooney as teens?

    Rooney was the best player for me by far. I remember his goal against us when he played for Everton and I wished we could have signed him. Wenger was right about him being the best young English talent he had seen at the time and I think he still is for me anyway. Owen was a great goalscorer as...
  12. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    Season isn’t over yet for Arsenal though is it? We have a cup final to play. Trophies on the line to add to the 3 we won in the last 10 years. Nice feeling winning trophies.
  13. Olivier Giroud...

    Giroud played in a much better Arsenal team than Laca did. To think he was signed as a replacement for RVP when his real level is what he’s doing for Chelsea now as a squad player and he’s doing it well.
  14. Olivier Giroud...

    He cost us the 15/16 title when he decided to go 15 or so league games without a goal when we were serious contenders that season. Good squad player but never good enough to start regularly
  15. Mattéo Guendouzi

    His ego is writing cheques his body can’t cash. Hopefully we get a nice sum for him in the summer.