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  1. Mourinho to Arsenal/Spurs?

    How strange when one of our few consolations is looking at you lot struggle in mid table with your more or less billion pound side.
  2. Granit "The Hacker" Xhaka | Likes his greens

    It’s not his fault that he’s not good enough to play at the top level. Emery is mad for making Swiss Charlie Adam the team captain and starting him in every game. This is a non event for me this guy shouldn’t even be at Arsenal the sooner he fecks off the better for everyone. Hopefully we can...
  3. Granit "The Hacker" Xhaka | Likes his greens

    The good news is hopefully that’s the last we’ve seen of the Swiss Charlie Adam. Never rated him and he’s easily replaced. Hopefully we get some decent money for him.
  4. Granit "The Hacker" Xhaka | Likes his greens

    Swiss Charlie Adam shouldn’t be playing for the club in the first place. Rubbish player rubbish signing.
  5. Gabriel Martinelli

    Average with 2 quality attacking fullbacks yet to fully come back in and 4th in the table with genuinely exciting youngsters starting ahead of duds like Mkhi who have been let go on loan. I’m pretty optimistic about this season.
  6. Liverpool could be kicked out of Carabao Cup for fielding an ineligible player

    I suppose a 200k fine with 100k of it suspended would be fairer for Grays too.
  7. Is Pochettino's time at Spurs coming to an end?

    Really not getting the comparisons with Klopp and Pep who have had budgets. Poch has done an amazing job at Spurs turning then into a regular CL side. Hopefully that time is over and he leaves to be replaced by some donkey who will restore balance to the force. A couple season without CL...
  8. 2019/20 Rivals - Arsenal

    Won 3-0 away I would take that every day of the week thank you.
  9. Premier League Gameweek 2

    VAR is great because now losers can’t blame the ref for their teams failings.
  10. Players held back by injuries

    Diaby was never going to be a top class player he was average-poor most of the time apart from one good game against Liverpool. He had some flash moves but he was mostly ineffective. People initially compared him to vieira because of their physical similarities but I never rated him. Played...
  11. 2019/20 Rivals - Chelsea

    That’s the weakest Chelsea team I’ve seen in a very very long time. Abraham, Giroud and Batshitcrazy up front is pretty awful.
  12. 2019/20 Rivals - Spurs

    You could say the same when Eriksen signed for Spurs. We got Ozil they got Eriksen I think they got the better player.
  13. 2019/20 Rivals - Arsenal

    Aaron Ramsey is incredibly overrated based on 1 purple patch season. I never heard of Ceballos before we were linked with him and I’ve only seen him play today but I would take him ahead of Ramsey anyway.
  14. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    Utd finished 6 points behind 3rd placed Chelsea I can’t believe that you wouldn’t have made up those 6 points with Ronaldo in the team. The lift to morale he would give the club and the other players would be immense. At the very minimum CL qualification would have been achieved. Financial he’s...
  15. Cristiano Ronaldo : The Juventus Chapter

    I’m not sure how clear that is. Did Utd actually make an offer/match Juve offer to sign Ronaldo and he turned Utd down to sign for Juve? Or were Juve the only club willing to put up 100m for a 33 year old?