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  1. Are the pundits being kinder to Ole than Jose?

    A phase of trying to find keener players that want to run for the badge etc. Whether you agree or not, I think that's one of the reasons Ole has been almost free of any criticism from major pundits thus far this season.
  2. Are the pundits being kinder to Ole than Jose?

    Yes they are being kinder on him because it's generally acknowledged that we've ripped it up and started again. Even Gary (nothing's ever the managers fault) Neville seems to spend most of the games he commentates on criticising general aspects of our set up, but obviously come full time he...
  3. I cancelled my Sky Sports subscription

    The day we spend £100m on Rice is the day I give up and find another sport to watch.
  4. If Mourinho's authority and ideology were given more backing, would we be challenging?

    No. He's a 3 year manager - goes to war with everyone, either gets an extra 20% from decent players turning them potentially world class, or bitches about them/sells them. If he'd been given the city job he would have done his time and been gone by now, if he'd been given the Liverpool job...
  5. Missing Herrera

    I think we miss his game intelligence. It's always good to have a player in your midfield that opposition supporters want to punch in the face.
  6. Let's pretend we're doing it right

    Good post. Of course we'd be better off with 3 or 4 quality additions, even Ole's biggest critics would admit so. My (and apparently a lot of others) main fear is the damage that could be done to a young squad potentially being handled poorly in the meantime. Morale, confidence, technique...
  7. In general, what qualities should we actually be looking for when we appoint a manager?

    Preferably a track record of improving young players and generally attack minded.
  8. Do we think it will get to the point having no DOF hinders us?

    I think the DoF things a bit of a red herring. We need someone in between Woody and the manager that has a bit of nowse for the game. Somebody to suggest perhaps giving Young, Mata, Smalling and Jones new contracts is a stupid idea while we're supposedly trying to rebuild a fresh culture. We...
  9. Ole Gunnar Solskjær | 2019/20 Discussion

    "What manager would be willing to come to this mess of a club?" Plenty. Yes, we're a shambles. Most clubs are (relatively) , when its time to hire a new manager, but we've just bought the world's most expensive defender and splashed £50m on a young right back. We're also somewhat of a...
  10. You are Ed Woodward. What do you do?

    Cocaine and hookers
  11. United’s next manager

    Poch. We're in a similar spot to where Spurs were when he got that job. Stars seem to be aligning, do the right thing Woody.
  12. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    The longer Ole's had these players the worse they get, to a man. At this point I don't think it's fair on the kids. His level of coaching isn't good enough.
  13. Post match vs Newcastle United

    Agree Spurs are a mess at the moment but right now we need Poch to do what he did over the last 6 years at Spurs. To coach average players into a system that breeds confidence.
  14. Could we get relegated? | United officially now safe from relegation for 2019/20 season

    Defence is too good to go down, other than that we're not far off.