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    Always forget you get 5 subs in CL, useful!
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    No surprise here... Who will go to manage for the first part of the project? Main task is to grind points out. Mourinho would be ideal. Sterling could be first player in ?
  • Very soft penalty... UEFA making sure the big TV clubs are in the next round...? Mbappe should be booked for diving.
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    He's on huge wages so surely nearly impossible to shift in current climate. Only if they sub his wages, similar to Bale. It's one reason why we have very strict rules on contract offers to over 30s. Also see Willian.
  • Talk about pulling the draw bridge up... You'll probably find Newcastle will do sponsorship deals with companies from some other country not directly Saudi anyway...
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    It's a clear and obvious error by the referee, so where is VAR? Last games I've watched Chelsea v Southampton, VAR howler, Spain v France, Mbappe scores offside goal (because of interpretation of deliberately playing the ball v deflecting it)...
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    He's a good player and a leader, he can be replaced though. Not worth breaking our wage and contract structure for though. We've made an offer and he'd be wise to accept it!
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    Defender gets the ball pretty cleanly, never a penalty. Back pass maybe. Football is such a joke sport these days.
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    We were pretty decent for 70 mins. Tuchel got the subs totally wrong and will learn from it I'm sure. RLC was solid, the midfield generally ceased to exist without Kova on. Team lost all composure. Last 20 minutes we got battered, but need look...
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    Winning games as a team is what actually matters though. Of all the €100m+ transfers, only Ronaldo to Madrid in 2009 can be classed as a total success. Quite a few of them have been totally disastrous. Lukaku adds a different dimension to us as...
  • Mb194dc replied to the thread Romelu Lukaku | Chelsea.
    Shouldn't have taken the 9 shirt... Seriously though, I thought he was OK yesterday. Couple of wrong decisions, like taking the ball off Chilwell when offside. Havertz definitely didn't do any better. Will need time for us to play to his...
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    Shot stopping is incredible, he's not great with his feet though. If he can improve that side of his game can be in top 3 goal keepers in the world.
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    If playing badly and winning means anything... totally lost control of the game when Kovacic went off. Attack didn't click properly again. Don't know how to get best from Lukaku yet. Amazing shot stopping performance from Mendy, he's not great...
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    Think his motivation might have dropped after success last season. Thinking you've made it syndrome. CL win in second season etc Can be frustrating with finishing and decision making in the final third. Great work rate and has produced big...
  • Yup, welcome to the social media and Internet age. No middle ground it's extremes only on pretty much every subject. Meanwhile I guess all MPs need close protection when doing public events. Second MP murder in 5 years!