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  1. Football agents compensation

    There should be centralised control of players contracts via FIFA and a cap on agents commission as in the NFL and NBA. This is what FIFA have essentially proposed and hopefully it goes through. Wondering if some agents might try to push deals through before regulations come in.
  2. Chelsea 2020/21 - General discussion

    Tammy is a decent finisher but lacking quite considerably in other areas of his game. Technically and off the ball he's below premier league average. Attitude is another big question mark. Maybe he could improve those areas and be a top striker. That was Lampard's project with him imo. Giroud...
  3. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    Was clean through in first half and saved by Ederson? I thought he was a bit reluctant to take the shot on in part of game I watched. City looked vulnerable to me and bailed out by the ref, Ederson fouled Bellingham if anything. If Dortmund can start fast at home I can see City going out.
  4. Man City 2020/21 - General discussion

    Only saw part of the game yesterday, City were pretty poor. Can see Dortmund having a good chance in the second leg. Reckon there is a mental block there. Last couple of years they have made shocking exits to Spurs and that horror miss by Sterling last year. They are nowhere near as assured in...
  5. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    Was thinking similar, no soul in how City play. Feels like every goal is a cut back or from ball across the six yard box. They're really effective but really dull to watch.
  6. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    Oh dear City ref, dreadful.
  7. Refs & VAR 2020/2021 Discussion

    Other Pens have often been given this season where minimal contact and player goes down. Pogba v Villa, Rashford's pen given v Newcastle, Kane pen v Villa, Salah pen given v City just from last few months. Then you also see Foden get totally taken out recently and nothing given. Don't...
  8. Erling Haaland

    Hawking him around the biggest clubs to start a bidding war? All clubs are financially strapped, though obviously Haaland is a prime property. Raiola needs his cut too, most importantly... Don't see any takers for anywhere near €150m when his clause is supposed to be €75m next year. More so...
  9. Champions League to increase to 36 teams from 2024

    Sounds like there will still be lots of fairly meaningless initial games before we get to the knockout stage which will actually then be interesting. Kind of like brand dilution but for football. They'll probably find the rights value doesn't increase as they expect as people just won't want...
  10. The Athletic “gutting” British newspapers

    Even wonder about Twitter and Netflix values longer term. Though both are profitable, how much they can grow medium term is very much open to question. Twitter has been trying to monetize tweets more but it's gone down like a lead baloon with the user base. Facebook is a different story though...
  11. The Athletic “gutting” British newspapers

    In the case of the Athletic, what are the other opportunities for monetization? If they can’t make a profit and $140m already put in the correct value of it is likely zero. Unless there's some other revenue stream or cost cutting they can do we're not seeing to make a profit.
  12. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness please)

    Antigenic evolution makes it probable we'll need new vaccines pretty often. That is also what happens with Influenza. Evolutionary game of cat and mouse essentially. Will be part of living with it. As with Influenza eventually fades to the background.
  13. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness please)

    Firmly believe it'll go on essentially forever with yearly peaks and troughs similar to Influenza. Plenty of countries with low median age populations who have loads of other diseases that make Covid look like nothing will never have any will or need to try and control it. In Africa for example...
  14. Harry Kane MBE | Performances

    Looks like his contract is till 2024. City looked better without a straight number 9 in the team this season, can't see why they'd be interested at anything like a price Spurs would accept anytime soon. Could end up at PSG if Mbappe goes, can't see any other realistic destination before his...
  15. Get rid of off-side rule - Marco van Basten

    All too complicated, just tweaking the current offside law to give more advantage to the attacker will work as a good solution I think. The Wenger rule, might be a bit too extreme, just working offside on feet could also be an option. I would trial various offside line points for a season in...