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  1. Mo Salah

    He didn't have many other options? Where could he go who can afford it ? Only options are PL rivals, would be popular! Same will be true next year most probably. Only viable alternative is Real Madrid I can see and not interested.
  2. Amazon buys up some UK rights for Champions League from 2024

    Football is much simpler (and cheaper...) To watch unofficially now. How can that make any sense. 20 years ago everything was on just a couple of channels. The rights are far too fragmented and expensive. Need cheap streaming of all the games of the team you support. Football still in the...
  3. Romelu Lukaku | Chelsea

    Guess the hope is he'll play well and be able to then get a that case the loan fee and then paying his wages makes sense. Certainly the transfer market karma to the Hazard deal...
  4. Chelsea 2022/2023 - The new era

    Raphinha isn't worth more than £40-45m ish. Looks like Neymar is available and Silva is doing the tapping up. Tuchel knows him already. Interesting possibility.
  5. African players playing for European countries

    It's a terrible and ridiculous idea. Nothing wrong with players from Africa or elsewhere having two or more nationalities and being able to choose which one they want to play for. There can be a multitude of reasons why someone might choose one country over another, look at Diego Costa for...
  6. Chelsea 2022/2023 - The new era

    Abramovich''s people were never going to work with Clearlake for long. The club will be run in a totally different way on the commercial side. Director of football will be coming in to identify transfer targets with the focus on value and commercial appeal. Already saw Mount getting in the swing...
  7. Chelsea 2022/2023 - The new era

    Can't imagine Tuchel wanting Ronaldo as he's too old to have the work rate and pressing, great finisher still obviously . Smacks of the new owners looking at the marketing $ his signing would generate...
  8. Mike Riley new Premier League referees chief

    Next summer? Why wait. He's been a total disaster, not just VAR, some referees seem unfit, too old, should be mandatory retirement. Standard of officiating is awful.
  9. Gareth Bale | Golfer, Footballer, Elbower of racists, Creator of Chaos, Philosopher, Golf Ambassador, Bar Owner, Real Legend | To Live and Die in LA

    He'll enjoy LA, nice weather, plenty of golfing options. Get himself fit for the world cup. Probably only make in a year what made in a week at Real... He's living the dream...
  10. Man City's Insane Spending

    They don't pay massively over the odds often, just Grealish that I can think of. He's been bought for marketing reasons seemingly as much as for football though. All the players are bought for Peps system, makes a big difference. They also have no interest in even breaking even let alone...
  11. Women's Euros 2022 | covid in the England camp | squad announcements etc

    They still test teams for Covid? It's symptomatic or not? If it's not, what's the point. More interestingly, will it be the same for the World Cup? In which case good luck...
  12. Chelsea 2022/2023 - The new era

    He's 76 and an Abramovich man from day one, so not exactly a surprise.
  13. Chelsea 2022/2023 - The new era

    Logic behind this? Why would the new owners get rid of Tuchel? Unless you mean he'll quit due to lack of ambition? Wouldn't surprise me if we turn in to Arsenal (or Utd, or Liverpool)... The new owners will absolutely be happy with 4th every season as it keeps the CL money coming on. That's all...
  14. Chelsea 2022/2023 - The new era

    New era of profitability... Anyway, how long till there are enough US owners in the league to fundamentally change it? Near impossible to both make money and be successful, they're not going to stand for that if there's a choice.
  15. Premier League Fixtures - 22/23

    So 9 days prep for the WC after 12th November games. If players are in the final on the 18th, have 8 days off before league game on 26th.... This year money finally kills football?