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  1. Chess discussions

    .... ab+ Kb1 Qa2+
  2. Michael Carrick made vice-captain

    Surely Fletcher isn't going anywhere. He's been at Utd all his professional life and he's been through it all with us. He's not what he used to be but who can blame him for that. He's given his all just to be where he is today and he's given it like a pro. Maybe his top-level playing days are...
  3. Sony hack and the movie The Interview

    Bit racial?
  4. Life on Mars?

    Reminds of when I did this once:-
  5. Squash...

    I pretty much did this to someone playing table tennis. Doubles, obviously. I got my partner pretty good.
  6. Challenge: Can you name the top 50 United PL appearance makers in 20 minutes?

    46/50... I'm being shown up by the proper reds in this thread. I've a 4 man gap between Rafael and Dwight Yorke and can't for the life of me pick them out.
  7. Film Star Wars

    A witch!
  8. Television The Walking Dead | TV SPOILERS | No Comic talk or Future Spoilers EVER

    But.... what about Daryl's bowling ball grip??
  9. Mobile access site redirects

    Android here
  10. Mobile access site redirects

    It had happened a few times from looking at my inbox and it just happened a few seconds ago when I clicked the link for the gym thread from the general forum thread list.
  11. Mobile access site redirects

    Sometimes when I access the car from my phone it redirects me to dodgy sites. Gettinglaidtoday or something like that. No other site does it but the caf hits me with that regularly. Not sure what it's trying to say. Maybe my device has some mal ware or something but I tried to check and found...
  12. Woman hit by car at Abbey Road crossing

    Been a while...
  13. Woman hit by car at Abbey Road crossing

    I've got a better one... She wants to Get Back to see Doctor Robert
  14. Woman hit by car at Abbey Road crossing

    Maybe it was a cry for Help?