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  1. Player of the season

    He’s loves a underdog aswell
  2. Player of the season

    No doubt... said it best - dont speak
  3. Player of the season

    has to be VAR, he’s clinical, correct and comes up with late goals. Thoughts?
  4. Best players in their best positions

    a centerback at leftback, a defensiv midfielder at centerback, a right winger at attacking midfield, a striker at leftwing, a rightback/leftback cum winger at striker and a slow attacking midfielder at rightwing. Well thats retarded mr LVG! All season long i have been waiting for it to make...
  5. What is the aim for next season?

    New manager and some entertainment Would be nice
  6. Jose Mourinho v Ryan Giggs... who do you want? [POLL]

    I went with Mou on this one, my heart told me not to. But since I am sick and tired of gutless performances and managers just sitting there and taking it, i WANT PASSION! Mou is gonna offer me that siege mentality, us aginst the world bs im longing for. He will turn it around as im sure since...
  7. Post Match: Newcastle United vs Manchester United

    We put a huge lump of money on the table for Everton to sell us their best lump. Good scouting...
  8. Post Match: Newcastle United vs Manchester United

    Good game, hoping for a fourth goal for... newcastle!! we bottled it! Mitrovic was a handful, think what a better more rough centerback would have done along smalling. No way that would have been 3 goals against us... That said, where does it all end? LVG OUT!
  9. I Now Have Nothing But Outright Contempt For Van Gaal And The Board

    While i watch united play every game out of pure obsession, its now getting to a point where my psychological health is getting worse. Usually the losses would ruin my day, the draws sometimes saves my day and the wins gets the missus happy. Now the fun, emotions and satisfaction is gone im just...
  10. Post Match: Manchester United v Sheffield United

    ZzzZzzZzzzz! It took 65 minutes or so for LVG to see that our current 4-2-3-1-0 does not work. On came lingard and Memphis and we look alot better as a team with us stretching them a wee bit at least. The first 65 is on LVG, he doesn't have the tactical brain to see or to know how the game...
  11. Sadio Mane | LFC Player

    An honest question... why do people on here discuss the pricetag? Its not like its your money and how is it relevant to the football side of it? We dont even know the full extents of the deal. Like signing on bonus, agent fees, budget etc. Think of it like its your neighbour buying a car...
  12. What would you have done had you taken over from Sir Alex (£300m budget)

    Kept on vida, evra til 2014/15, rafael, hernandez, nani in the squad. The rest cleared in about the same time Bought herrera in first season with strootman. Cleared alot in the squad Second season. Shaw, griezman, clyne, blind. Third, depay, martial, otamendi, schnederlin.Phazed out carrick...
  13. Riyad Mahrez | Signed new contract at Leicester City

    Sack LVG buy mahrez hire SAF win trophies. #movingforward#
  14. front three tactic

    Well that was painful, but lets see it for what it was. Players didnt turn up and the manager made the wise choice of declaring the league cup as important as the champions league... thats a joke. My problem comes with the tactis deployed from midfield and forward. Choosing to play 4-5-1 all...
  15. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Bigger ballz then Chuck norris