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  1. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    Nah man, I understood how fecked our pre season/transfer business were. This is expected today. Covid, the board, the manager, the players, they have to be blamed today. But I will relax before having an actual meltdown.
  2. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    Yeah, until we got to like 5-6 games losing streak, I'll join the meltdown train.
  3. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    1st game and we're already in complete meltdown?? love it. keep going.
  4. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    To be honest, this is the season when all the weight of scoring goals shifted to him. New season, new pressure. But watching him play with France, he looks like a matured attacker now. Nightmare when he is on that form, can't wait!
  5. Diogo Jota

    Another high work rate striker for Klopp??? My god. They would actually walk the league again.
  6. Anthony Martial - ManUtd player's player of the year

    Martial will tear the league apart. This is the season.
  7. Wot, no transfers? Not really, no.

    Am I missing something here in caf? Why is the match day thread not available yet? 2 days to go before we kick start the season.
  8. Wot, no transfers? Not really, no.

    Right now, I'm more concerned about the match day thread. Where is it?
  9. Kalvin Phillips (PL20/21 Season)

    The guy is mint. I saw him vs Liverpool last night, was very relaxed and composed. He is 24, but he looked like the modern CDM+Box to box type. Very press resistant and his passes is just reminiscent of Carrick! We should be signing this guy, whatever it takes. EDIT: What the video missing...
  10. Manchester United to get documentary series? | No actual reports on that

    But think about it though, We could've the best documentary if 1999 were recorded.
  11. Manchester United to get documentary series? | No actual reports on that

    Just record it like The last dance. Don't allow the cameras on the locker room during actual locker room time. Release the series when we actually won something.
  12. Jadon Sancho | James Ducker: United may yet meet Dortmund's £108m asking price for Sancho

    Ole is enough, don't want another Abidal situation here. Since Ole came in, it seems like we never needed a dof.
  13. Christen Press signs

    So..she pressed the sign button?
  14. Your 2020/2021 Season Predictions

    I think we'd surprise everyone with a strong start to the season. We'd end 2nd. Ole the legend.
  15. Thiago Alcantara | Pool bound

    Wouldn't it affect Liverpool's playing style if they lost Wijnaldum? I thought he is one of the main players who represents the hardworking side of Liverpool midfield?