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  1. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    Haha I was just about to ask people to post their lists, so this is timely. I'm a very casual watcher of the sport so these lists help me gain a better grasp over what's going on. Personally I think Lomachenko is a phenomenon, he simply takes the piss sometimes with his elusive footwork. Don't...
  2. Name your club's best bargain basement signings

    Some of you are thickos who don't know how to interpret the spirit of a thread It happens in loads of threads
  3. Relegation battle 2019/20

    Do relegated players even go that cheap any more? They used to go for peanuts before the Premier League introduced the much more sizeable parachute payments when clubs were desperate, but different circumstances now I'd have thought?
  4. That Peter Crouch podcast

    I've been watching the Youtube vids and I love them. Haven't heard the full podcast but it sounds like the heavily edited Youtube bits are a lot better.
  5. Premier League Gameweek 26

    This has been fantastic viewing
  6. Weird feelings of football

    Harry Winks has never actually done anything, other than exist in a line-up
  7. Good football podcasts (after the Redcafe one)

    Been enjoying Youtube clips of the Crouch podcast. The hosts know the right questions to ask and Crouch is refreshingly candid and easy to like.
  8. Ollie Watkins - Brentford Striker

    That's a fecking fantastic compilation to be fair.
  9. Music Genre music with big soundscape type arrangements

    Our city was nearly called Batmania in after a bloke called John Batman. I'd fecking love if it was.
  10. Music Genre music with big soundscape type arrangements

    Melbourne Oz btw @Volumiza
  11. Music Genre music with big soundscape type arrangements

    I love the Roots but could never get into that Newsom album. Too many words being crammed into bars they didn't fit and I suppose I just don't love the harp that much.
  12. Music Genre music with big soundscape type arrangements

    Well familiar with the Fleet Foxes but open to any suggestions for other bands with the same sort of sound Good shout with Heroes and Villains btw, haven't heard that for years
  13. Music Genre music with big soundscape type arrangements

    I love conventional genre music which has really elaborate and full instrumentation going on in the background. Such as hip hop with live jazz beats, or folk music with a string section, or anything that has the full complement of horns and strings and whatever else. Examples; Aussie hip hop...