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  1. So let's talk about Eddie Howe....

    This. It's really remarkable what he's done. You get one manager like this every decade basically - and I don't think we even had one in the 00s. I have no problem with people slating him if this part of his record is at least acknowledged, but most of the posts in here seem to have reduced...
  2. So let's talk about Eddie Howe....

    Yeah I agree. And his transfer record might have been better with Arsenal's scouting and player identification resources. But that said, he really has signed an absolute load of shite for Bournemouth. You could throw darts at a shortlist of players and possibly do better.
  3. Premier League Gameweek 33+34

    Max Aarons doesn't really look like he's got the change of pace to burn past the opposition full back on that evidence. Thoughts, anyone who watches him more regularly than me?
  4. New Kits 20/21

    I like both these kits.
  5. Louie Sibley (Derby)

    Which they absolutely won't going by the Southampton and West Ham precedents, so I hope they get lots and lots of money for their youngsters so they can build a good team and club infrastructure in their wake. Football really is a piece of shit. feck knows why I still love it.
  6. Brighton and Hove Albion - 19/20 Season

    What instructions do you suppose Graham Potter gives the barber when he goes for a haircut?
  7. Television The Sopranos

    I'm rewatching it and it's been amazing. Really appreciating the depth of human drama and psychological insight in a new way. feck knows what I thought I was watching when I was young.
  8. Television The Sopranos

    Skimmed through these podcasts and they're a bit shit aren't they? A lot of unfocussed waffle from what I've seen so far, happy to be told otherwise.
  9. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    That's so f*cked, I don't even know what to say.
  10. Cop in America doing a bad job, again

    There's a reply that says this: Replying to @UntitledHK This happened around a year ago and this guy ISNT an FBI agent.
  11. Music Do any Music acts get better with age ?

    Thanks for this tip-off. I've listened to some of their stuff in the past and liked it without getting overly invested. Now listening to this album, and so far it's an absolute beauty.
  12. Ways of improving a ‘behind closed doors’ atmosphere?...

    We had a couple of weeks of BCD sport in Australia before it all got shut and it was hideous. I remember thinking that even if they'd put on some unobtrusive, lo-fi instrumental music over the sound system it would have helped enormously.
  13. Television The Last Dance (ESPN) | 97-98 Bulls and MJ

    This, exactly. Bludgeoning others into doing better will probably work to a great extent in a results-driven industry like sport, but we should probably reserve the pedestal for outstanding leadership for people who can actually communicate effectively and understand other people. I suspect if...