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  1. Barcelona to fire Valverde. Quique Setién to take over

    This guy is 61 years old and the only trophy he was is a Spanish Super Cup. They are offering him a contract which is split into 6 months + 1 year + 1 year instead of a long term contract. Shows that the board actually is waiting for Xavi.
  2. Weird feelings of football

    English players are always described as having "passion" and "desire" when being compared to foreign players.
  3. Facts about football that shouldn't be true - but are

    Collecting 70k a week in Sunderland then doing God knows what at Blackburn and now Sheffield Utd.
  4. Sadio Mane | Performances

    He just insisted in October that he wants to remain at Liverpool. I can't imagine much has changed in 3 months.
  5. Facts about football that shouldn't be true - but are

    Despite stagnating in his career since 2012, Jack Rodwell is still offered a contract by a Premier League club. Oh, and he's just 28. Mason Greenwood is Manchester United's 3rd highest goalscorer this season with 8 goals (3 in the EPL, tied with Daniel James).
  6. Krzysztof Piatek

    When Milan bought a 38-year-old to replace you, it is clear that you are not playing well. Not to say Ibrahimovic isn't a good player, but the message is pretty clear imo.
  7. Where did it all go wrong for Mario Gotze?

    He kind of does his own thing on the pitch and wasn't great at pressing. In the first half of the season (18/19), Gotze was played as a forward and scored just 1 goal in 15 games. Even in the second half of the season, he just scored 5 goals.
  8. Where did it all go wrong for Mario Gotze?

    His salary is the stumbling block. He earns 190k a week. Even at Dortmund, he was played everywhere and wasn't first choice in any of them.
  9. Trent Alexander Arnold

    Liverpool doesn't play that way though. Liverpool attack using the full backs and defend using the midfield. If you mean RW, that is Salah's spot.
  10. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season

    Not bad for a man with a bad gait, don't you think?
  11. Michael Oliver

    They definitely did. Firmino and VVD raised their hands as soon as it happened.
  12. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    Rodgers was always naive in his approach to big games. Under him, we expected to lose them most of the time except during 13/14.
  13. Opposition fans: Pochettino or Solskjaer?

    Of course it's Ole, no contest at all. Ole led a squad demotivated by Mourinho into the Quarter Finals of the Champions League, giving you That Night in Paris. Ole's winning streak when he was appointed surpasses any winning run Pochetinno has. When Ole first arrived, he talked about "We are...
  14. Liverpool - Premier League champions 19/20 Season

    Klopp dismissed the Mbappe transfer ages ago, citing financial reasons. Plus, he would be paid far higher than anybody else in the squad, which ruins the squad harmony that we have right now.
  15. Erling Haaland / signs for Dortmund

    Why? The manager is poor and the team isn't as good as the previous years.