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  1. Television Atlanta (TV Show)

    :lol: You have my sympathies. I'm sure we've all been in Paper boi's position in the last a bad feeling about this, but once you're in the chair, there ain't no getting up.
  2. Belfast Rugby Players Rape Trial

    A chord has definitely been struck. I do wonder if women tend to keep these types of instances to themselves/maybe discuss amongst female friends, rather than with partners/male friends. I think that might explain why so many males are maybe perplexed with the reaction.
  3. Television Atlanta (TV Show)

    The opening scene from the latest episode is an instant classic for me. Strong episode from start to finish.
  4. Television Atlanta (TV Show)

    Florida man lives on.
  5. The Active Shooter Thread

    Potentially apprehended.
  6. The Active Shooter Thread

    Fox News just had a fella on claiming that the shooter is an ex student....said he was 20/21. He was cut off pretty quickly after that and Shep gave out the disclaimers.
  7. The Active Shooter Thread

    Some kids streaming out, terrifying.
  8. The Trump Presidency

    Agree to an extent, but it plays nicely into the belief that he views women as things to be seen and not heard, they don't get to play by the same rules etc. I'm not going to pretend that it is as bad as some of the more horrific stories of the #metoo movement, but it might well fall into their...
  9. The Trump Presidency

    It's more the seediness of it all rather than a question of coercion @berbatrick Edit: In this particular story anyway.
  10. The MMA thread

    Big Foot for me, totally deserved.
  11. The MMA thread

    Yep, tough SOB.
  12. The MMA thread

    Beat that ass Felder.
  13. The MMA thread

  14. The MMA thread

    Wow. That was war.