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  1. What is the greatest football anthem?

    Waka Waka by Shakira...South Africa World Cup
  2. Pogba and Fernandes

    With Pogba and Bruno comes alot of flair and excitement. Hopefully we can hang on to Pogba and bring in another midfielder who is a defensive beast. As good as Matic is or combative as McT/Fred is we would really need somebody who can put in that extra shift to protect the back 4.
  3. Atletico Madrid Discussion

    That's good to know. I'll keep an eye out. Hopefully they can make an impact like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.
  4. Bruno Fernandes | 2020 Performances

    Ok debut given he's only been with the team 1 day... pleasantly surprised to see a united player take a shot on goal and actually be on target as well. Looks like he has a decent free kick on him as well.
  5. Best threesome of all time?

    Roberts, Holding, Garner....Marshall, Holding Garner....any three combination would be the best threesome of any generation IMO.
  6. Man Utd close in on world-record £70m-a-year shirt sponsorship deal with Chinese firm Haier

    Now all we need is Whirlpool sponsor on the other sleeve and we can start selling appliances in the gift shop..:yawn:
  7. Christian Eriksen | Signs for Inter

    Eriksen would come to United because we would pay him more than everyone else.
  8. Martial's United career so far?

    Going to get stick for this but I feel the only manager that really got anything from him was LVG.
  9. Woodward's summer objectives

    This exactly, I don't get how people don't see this, head in the sand stuff. Some people feel if you break a glass and buy a new one the broken glass never existed.
  10. Paul Scholes resigns as Oldham manager | Ole invites him to Carrington

    Sack Sbragia and bring in Scholes for the U23s.
  11. Post match vs Liverpool

    This game was really good given the circumstances. Pereira had a fun game and Shaw gave a MOTM performance. The team showed alot of heart.
  12. Jorginho | Chelsea player

    I saw "libero" higher up as well I believe...I don't get it :houllier:
  13. Post match vs Leicester City

    Seems like new manager spark wore off and is service as usual