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  1. Manchester City vs Manchester United

    The only way that we will get anything out of this is if City’s finishing is as bad as it has been in the previous three Derbies, where, on a different day, they would have destroyed us. They will swat us away like flies if they turn up, particularly in front of goal. I’d take a 2-0 defeat and...
  2. Post match vs Crystal Palace

    A point away in a game that we were well capable of losing is to be welcomed. We are not in a fight for the Title, we are in a fight for top 4, so the point is good. The real disappointment was Fernandes again. I think that we all accept that against the better teams, he’s anonymous and can’t do...
  3. United will win the league if...

    We are a poor second and that isn’t just reflected by the points difference. Any objective assessment would deduce that the quality of the players, the coaching, the style of play and the end product at City is on a different level. However, we are second rather than sixth these days and we...
  4. Roy Keane

    It’s unedifying to watch, but he speaks the truth. Alex Ferguson was a very successful manager for us, but that’s the top and bottom of it. He isn’t above criticism and we know that he was a nepotistic bully. As for Roy Keane, well, he’s a maniac, always was, always will be.
  5. Post match vs Real Sociedad

    I thought that we played well. The Europa League gets slated, but I prefer it in many ways to the Champions League.
  6. Everybody Stay Calm

    I agree with the OP. We expect too much. It was always going to take time to get back to the top after SAF left us with a squad in decline and I reckon that we’re about half way there. Keep hold of Ole, keep improving and in 4 or 5 seasons, with a fair wind, we’ll be back truly competing.
  7. Our Defence - Has it actually been fixed?

    I’d also say that Maguire is the Tom Cleverley of defenders. Give me Jones over either of these two frauds any day. At least with Jones, expectations are low and he gives 100% every game.
  8. Our Defence - Has it actually been fixed?

    I agree entirely. He has his detractors, but he is head and shoulders above what we have when it comes to heart and fight. Jones is a warrior.
  9. Another boring one horse race

    I agree. People didn’t complain about the lack of competition when we won 13 Titles in 25 years.
  10. Another boring one horse race

    In a nutshell.
  11. Post match vs West Bromwich Albion

    I’m not surprised and I’m not disappointed. A draw away from home is never a bad result - we only think it is because we have this whacky notion that we are challenging for the Title, but the truth is that we are not. I know that we are in the top 4 and we were top of the league briefly, but so...
  12. Not in the Race?

    We’d be mad not to play our first 11 in the Europa League. It’s a trophy and it’s our level at the moment, so we should embrace it.
  13. Another boring one horse race

    A salary cap would hurt us more than them. We just need to buy better, manage better and perform better.
  14. Not in the Race?

    We’re still in the FA Cup, we’re in the Europa League and by Wednesday, City will have played that game in hand and will be at least 5 points clear of us with a better goal difference. You are right though, we did blow an 8 point lead in April 2012, but then the two sides were reasonably even...
  15. Not in the Race?

    Just not good enough to be Champions I’m afraid. We’re better than we were, but we’re still a mile off. We’ll (hopefully) strengthen in the Summer, but so will City and probably Liverpool. We have to remember that City are doing what they are doing without forwards for most of the season. Next...