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  1. Has RedCafe soured you to Manchester United?

    This place is depressing when things are not going well. I tend to avoid the place when results isn't going away. I'm feeling shit already, don't need to read more doom and gloom
  2. The honeymoon is over with a crash landing

    Well plenty of people say Ole's real test is to see how he copes with a few losses, so we'll see. Paris was great but seems like we lost a bit of focus after that. Ole will need to find that again but have no doubt he will.
  3. Was it a pen?

    It's a soft pen but a pen to me You can see he extended his arm just before turning his back, clearly to make himself bigger. I still remember the one on Carrick against Chelsea so good to have that work for us for once
  4. City Quadruple or Liverpool Prem winners - what is worse?

    Prefer City to win everything over Liverpool winning anything. No one cares about City winning, not many even card they won their first trophy.
  5. Ole named Manager of the Month

    Ole wins it in the first full month he's at the club! Well deserved and loved that he shared it with the team, great guy!
  6. [Poll] Next permanent United manager

    Changed my vote to Ole.. For all of Poch's experience, there's less guarantee he can handle the role and the expectations of this club. Managers with vastly more success and experience couldn't make it work. Ole gets it, he is United and had demonstrated that he's not fazed by the job. He...
  7. Darmian / Signs permanent deal for Parma

    Happy he's staying. He can play in 3 positions so is a good backup to have. Not sure why we would ever want to loan him out, not like we need to save money on his wages.
  8. Fellaini | Gone

  9. Fellaini | Gone

    Is this official?
  10. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer | W15 D2 L4

    Same. No one guarantees success and Ole is as close as the dream candidate as we'll get. The only other person that meets all the requirements above and guarantee success is SAF. If we do replace Ole, the new guy really needs to hit ground running and I don't think many will come in and win...
  11. A serious look at Mauricio Pochettino

    More and more he's showing he's not a winner, and not the one to manage us. He doesn't understand the value of a trophy, he doesn't back himself to stay in the top 4 without needing to sacrifice the FA cup. Give me Ole, he's won the audition
  12. We need to be less kind with contract renewals

    Even if you sell him for only 7m, you would've effectively kept him for a year for free... I can't understand why people is against renewing Mata... We would probably be out of the CL by now if not for his free-kick. He doesn't complain, he loves United, he's loved by the team, what's the issue?
  13. Deloitte Football Money League 2019: Real Madrid richest ahead of Barcelona and Manchester United

    Great news, maybe other clubs will think we are poor and stop charging us so much
  14. Arsenal v Chelsea (Sat 19 Jan 2019) - What result will suit United best?

    Arsenal win... We want Chelsea to drop as many as possible. Arsenal will fade on their own even if they win against Chelsea so it's a no brainer
  15. Gavin Whyte has been naughty

    :lol: The important details!